State & private hospitals hit by shortage of 237 medicine types – GMOA

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The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) claims state and private hospitals are facing shortages of 237 medicinal drugs at present.

Speaking during a media briefing in Colombo, GMOA Secretary Dr. Senal Fernando said both state hospitals and the private sector have been affected by the short supply of medications.

Dr. Fernando noted, drugs needed by heart patients, people suffering from cough and cold and rabies shots are not available at several facilities at present.

He added the drug shortage will also hit persons who require special treatments.

GMOA Secretary Dr. Senal Fernando noted that the dollar crisis has hit the entire country and therefore drug shortage will not only impact state hospitals but also private hospitals and pharmacies.

On a separate note, GMOA Secretary Dr. Senal Fernando questioned whether the government intends on using the funds of the Itukama Project to help maintain the health service in the country.

He said the Governor of the Central Bank functions as the chairman and therefore he would like a clarification from the new Governor over the utilisation of the fund, since the health sector is struggling to cope up with a number of challenges.

Dr. Senal Fernando noted that people made several sacrifices and made donations to the Fund and the very same people are now facing numerous challenges.

He said the Itukama Project was introduced to support the health sector during the COVID-19 pandemic; and therefore the donations should be directed to keep the country’s health service afloat during trying circumstances.

(Source: News Radio)