Tamil Eelam aspirants must ask how ‘Liberated’ the people of Kosovo are?


– by Shenali D Waduge –

The lies to create Kosovo’s ‘independence’ are many. Allegation that 225,000 ethnic Albanian men aged between 14 and 59 were missing or presumed dead was made by US Ambassador-at-large David Scheffer. It was an invention. In 2000, the International War Crimes Tribunal announced that the final count of bodies found in Kosovo’s “mass graves” was just 2108. This included Serbs, Roma, and those killed by the West’s allies, the Kosovo Liberation Front. The allegation of dead bodies finds startling resemblance to the 40,000-125,000 figures making center stage for war crimes charges against Sri Lanka – enroute to an Eelam. The people of Kosovo are today barely making a living, women have turned into prostitution to survive – is this where Tamils want to take Tamils?

In 2008 Kosovo declared independence. 60 Governments have recognized the ‘republic of Kosovo’ – these ‘recognitions’ are a direct result of pressures from Washington no different to how Resolutions get passed at UN. Are countries really sovereign today, we wonder! Kosovo is said to be a ‘unique case’ – something the Eelam lobbyists are also pushing for. It would be certainly unique for Tamils who demand an Eelam only for Tamils based on discrimination by Sinhalese, while half of the Tamils propose to continue to live among the Sinhalese and not in Eelam. So we have a unique case of Tamils wanting a separate Eelam for only Tamils (where Sinhalese will be prohibited from entering) but Tamils can also live anywhere throughout Sri Lanka as well – what kind of hypocrisy are we talking about!

Build up to Kosovo independence

The road to ‘independence’ was not without blood. Kosovo was occupied by Nato in June 1999 after aerial bombing Yugoslavia (composed of Serbia and Montenegro) for 78 days. There was nothing to be surprised about NATO occupation – it was sanctioned by the UN under resolution 1244. Their puppet former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari led ‘negotiations’. The ‘peace proposal’ of 2007 without surprise advocated independence but found resistance from Russia and China as well as Serbia. What country would agree to have its territory ceased placing a false set of allegations? Is this not why Sri Lanka is also opposing the build up of lies?

The response by those who had already decided on Kosovo’s independence was to use the local platform and so servile local leader Boris Tadic became President of Serbia – it just took 2 weeks for Kosovo to be declared independent and fait accompli.

Sri Lanka’s patriots are ever mindful of the servile locals in their presence for there are many Tadic’s and Thaci’s amongst us.

The West has numerous ways to create the setting for what they have already planned. Set into motion was the hyped allegation of mass genocide of ethnic Albanians numbers that were bloated to reach 500,000-100,000. It does show a striking resemblance to what we see unfolding in Sri Lanka’s case with the US Resolutions and the allegations of dead Tamil civilians. These are no coincidences. Eventually Carla Del Ponte of the United Nations had to cede that there were only 195 sites and only 2108 dead. The American Satelite images have found 362 sites which corresponds with the Government and UN Country Team statistics revealing just over 7000 dead inclusive of LTTE.

NATO and its 19 nations used cluster bombs, cruise missiles and depleted uranium missiles. The aim was to force the Serbs to accept a Government fully subservient to American economic interests – or rather US corporate mafia interests for nothing really trickles down to the American public.

NATO bombed Yugoslavia and ethnic Albanians out of their homes and claimed they were bombing to “avert an impending humanitarian catastrophe by disrupting the violent attacks currently being carried out by the Yugoslav security forces against the Kosovar Albanians, and to limit their ability to conduct such repression in future” (Defence Secretary George Robertson in the House of Commons – day after bombing) was the official reason given to justify bombing Yugoslavia in March 1999 by NATO. What NATO did was to purposely create the humanitarian disaster. Humanitarian disaster was what the LTTE had planned by dragging 300,000 Tamil civilians from their homes along with them and it was to avert a bigger disaster that calls were made to release the Tamil civilians – all of these were saved and brought to safety by the Sri Lankan armed forces. It is a fete that the Armed Forces deserve every bit of gratitude for – 300,000 is no small number and saving them came at the cost of 2500 lives of soldiers.

The alleged genocide was used to justify the brutal bombing of Yugoslavia. The Albanians knew the truth but chose to keep mum thinking the West would give them a separate state. The situation is no different with the Tamils. They know quite well that no genocide not even mass killing of Tamil civilians took place yet they are playing along thinking that they would all be beneficiaries of what the West has to offer.

They have not thought of what the West offered Kosovo post-independence, Iraq post-Saddam, Libya post-Gaddafi.

Creation of Kosovo had nothing to do with protecting the rights of ethnic Albanians. Kosovo was created so that the West has a permanent base in the Balkans. Kosovo is a military strategic location that borders on Europe, the Middle East and the oil-rich Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union. A base in the Balkans gives the United States a base of operation for the whole region, from Macedonia and Montenegro to Greece and Turkey. But also beyond that into Ukraine and Russia. Kosovo independence created a dangerous precedent. It completely kicked out international law and logic. Kosovo has ushered a new world order.

Ken Coates, chairperson of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and until recently a member of the European Parliament has clearly acknowledged the purpose of creating Kosovo. A permanent US/NATO base in Kosovo is what was planned all along. Can Tamils at least those who care for Sri Lanka above the petty vision of carving a state that they should know will never be meant for their own wake up and realize the mechanizations at play. Sri Lanka is equally strategically important – it is the doorway to both West-East and East-West and that is the future key to transport/sea traffic, choking China and the scope of possibilities is boundless. Modern warfare is based on nothing but capitalistic thirst for profit. It is what drives a handful of Governments who are themselves puppets of transnational conglomerates that decide areas that are of strategic ‘business’ benefit and turn these into political hotbeds so that political action taken in the form of R2P enables military intervention and eventual plunder of nations. It is what we see taking before our very eyes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Kosovo and a closer look will show it is the same people making the profits.

Lets look at the people involved. Advisor to Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was Sir Alfred Sherman, the same person who manoevred Margaret Thatcher to power. The former Yugoslavia was base for ‘foundations’ that belonged to George Soros and he has many fronts in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Belgrade. According to writer Ben Vidgen, America, Germany and Israel were running a secret airlift of arms to Croatia and Bosnia from the start of the conflict. French journalists in 1994 revealed that CIA were luring Bosnian Muslims to attack Serbs promising US support. This allegation is supported by George Kenny (US State Dept) who quit in 1992. What the West is masters at doing is manipulation and foreign leaders end up caught in the web of lies and deceit no different to how Saddam was fooled in to attacking Kuwait.

With the US using Islam/Muslim as a geopolitical tool to advance and turn nations against nations and sects against sects within the Muslim community the results end up always working in the interest of the West. The Arab Spring has meant the West now have virtual permanent bases while Muslims are killing each other and sectoral violence will be no different to caste violence that will end up killing Tamils if Eelam is ever established.

A good look at the peace negotiators is worthy too. Lord Carrington is a member of the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission and Royal Institute of International Affairs, Lord Owen is a member of Bilderberger and the Trilateral Commission, Sweden’s Carl Bildt is a Bilderberger, the UN peace negotiator Cyrus Vance is a member of Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg and Comm300 while ‘independent negotiator’ Jimmy Carter is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Richard Holbrooke is a member of Trilateral Commission, CFR and a Bilderberger, while Bill Clinton is CFR, TC and Bil, Warren Zimmerman is a member of TC and CFR while Warren Christopher is in TC and CFR. These men are all part of the Elite who plan what takes place where and how. Politicians don’t have answers and they never did.

Kosovo Liberation Army did not form naturally – it was deceptively created no different to how the LTTE was created. This ‘liberation’ army murdered and terrorized. There is little difference between KLA and LTTE. KLA functioned under covert direction of the US government, we wonder how many Governments propped the LTTE.

It was because US Government was funding KLA that the American corporate mass-media spread lies about the Serbs and accused Serbia of committing ‘ethnic-cleansing’ in Kosovo. It is unfortunate that Germany a country that cannot forget the horrible manner its own people were killed by the Allies are part of the very nations that are hounding smaller nations for commercial profit. It was the Albanian KLA with the help of US and German who were killing Serbs in Kosovo so that Albanians became 90% in Kosovo by 1999. This was not the demography in the 1940s – now with America’s help Kosovo is virtually 100% Albanian Muslims.

Who are the KLA – they are Albanian mafia and they deal in heroin smuggling, prostitution – literally every crime LTTE is involved in.

Peacekeeping by US/NATO meant that KLA accompanied them and what resulted was thousands of Serbs, Gypsies raped, tortured, murdered and publicly beaten to death – 200,000 refugees fled Kosovo and US media brainwashing American public applauded the ‘humanitarian intervention’ against Serbs. The PR deception is the same as how media has projected the Sinhalese in the eyes of the international community. PR firms like Ruder-Finn were used to equate Serbian people with Nazi’s, and these firms concocted lies about ‘rape camps’ ‘Racak massacre’ no different to how C4 has even received global awards for documentaries of lies.

Why has no one cared to speak on behalf of the Serbian people – killed by both Croatians and Albanians?

Slobadan Milosevic, the Serb leader was found dead in his NATO cell. Many suspect foul play. Gaddafi’s death, Saddam’s death are equally open-ended as is even Osama’s for Muslims do not throw dead to the sea!

All these are now past news. The goal was achieved no sooner Kofi Annan signed a decree stating so and UN (omitting the N and inserting the S prevailed in Kosovo).

A base in the Balkans cost USD4billion of US taxpayers money but the real profits do not go to the Americans because the bankers, the corporations and the reconstruction industry walks away with the deals.  The war for Kosovo independence was to take over its mines. Kosovo has 17billion tons of coal reserves. Self-determination for Kosovo means Self-Acquiring Kosovo’s gold ! Self-determination used by the West connotes to mean ‘liberation’ of nations by deposing national leaders so that a handful of conglomerates can plunder the nation while political solutions are being derived.

Kosovo is where Muslim Albanians rule and Orthodox Christian Serbs are fleeing their homes. It is nothing new that the Vatican is part of the West’s agenda mechanism and Orthodox Christians and Vatican historically clash. It must be reiterated that all the attacks on Christians taking place are upon Orthodox Christians and their numbers are seeing a significant decline making any to wonder if some agenda is at play. Following the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Albanian Muslims and Catholics often worked together against Serb control, which was associated with the Serbian Orthodox Church. The Catholic Church was well-represented in the Kosovo government. There are many crypto Catholics – meaning they go to mosque on Fridays but practice Catholicism at home. The Holy See’s activities in Kosovo include increasing official personnel liaisons, erecting public buildings and operating religious educational institutions. Somewhat provocatively, these have included the construction of new schools in historically Islamic regions, like the southwestern region around Prizren, and proselytizing Muslims. A brand new Cathedral has also been built in the capital – Pristina because of the Christian EU links Albanians have to keep mum. http://www.balkanalysis.com/kosovo/2011/04/14/the-vatican%E2%80%99s-growing-prominence-in-kosovo/

All these military intervention under the auspices of the UN has a masterplan in place. The powerful elite are out to seize nations and control the world and place ‘peace keepers’ with handsome salaries to protect them. These will soon become the UN International Police Task Force and they propose to expand the network of global police forces to crush all those who resist a One World Government. An obstacle to this is the independence of America which is why there is a sudden wave of gun related incidents created to disarm Americans. None of these realities ever get reported until after the damage is done to people and nations.

In the Middle East as in Kosovo, there are terrorists who wish to exterminate their neighbors and who daily oppress their own people with physical violence for dissenters, and with hate indoctrination for the rest. In the Middle East as in Kosovo, the enemies of such terrorists are falsely demonized as oppressors in the Western media. In the Middle East as in Kosovo, the United States and the European powers are all supporting the idea of a pseudo-state carved out of another state, and run by such terrorists. And in the Middle East as in Kosovo, the NATO powers claim that they do this out of concern for an oppressed Muslim people.

Kosovo is independent. It is also poor – widespread poverty and unemployment prevails. Unemployment is 45%. Half of Kosovo’s 1.8 million people are 25 or younger. Half of those under 30 are unemployed. Of 30,000 who enter the job market only 8000 finds jobs. Half of Kosovo’s citizens struggle to survive on social benefits of less than $2 per day. A virulent Mafia business is thriving in postwar Kosovo: the $7 to $12 billion traffic in Eastern European women lured by promises of work, then forced into prostitution. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (O.S.C.E.) — part of the temporary governing body in Kosovo — estimates that around 200,000 women each year are trafficked from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, most of them as prostitutes. The value of their services has been estimated at between $7 and $12 billion. …There are now as many as 100 brothels in Kosovo, each employing up to 20 women. Thousands more women are trafficked through Kosovo and on into Western Europe. U.N. police officers are said to be training local Albanians — many of them taken from the ranks of the disarmed Kosovo Liberation Army – the West never disarmed the KLA. Kosovo has one of the highest murder rates in Europe. Five years following independence the people of Kosovo have nothing really to be over the moon about.

On August 24, the New York Times reported that President Obama’s national security aides are “studying the NATO air war in Kosovo (air war was in Yugoslavia) as a possible blueprint for acting without a mandate from the United Nations.”… According to the New York Times, “Kosovo is an obvious precedent for Mr. Obama because, as in Syria, civilians were killed and Russia had longstanding ties to the government authorities accused of the abuses. In 1999, President Bill Clinton used the endorsement of NATO and the rationale of protecting a vulnerable population to justify 78 days of airstrikes.”

If understood correctly, the Kosovo war was indeed a precedent that should act as a warning signal. US and Allies are using false flag scenarios propagated by their media to dismiss demands for concrete evidence. The build up around Sri Lanka’s war crimes is a time passing event, thus the resolutions, the allegations keep piling and will continue to do so until their decision.

Iraq was invaded without proof of WMD, Libya was invaded on the allegation that Gaddafi was massacring Libyans, Syria is an ongoing venture – the excuses used are well known but it is the players who should now be exposed for they are not political leaders – they are just the front end or smokescreen.