Task Force appointed to build a secure country

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A 13-member Presidential Task Force has been appointed to build a secure country, disciplined, virtuous and lawful society.

The Task Force is Chaired by the Secretary of Defence Rt. Major General Kamal Gunaratne.

The Task Force was appointed under powers vested in the President under Article 33 of the Constitution.

The Task Force is expected take immediate steps to curb illegal activities of social groups that violate the law that is emerging as harmful to the free and peaceful existence of society in some places of the country and take necessary measures for the prevention of the drug menace, prevent entry of drugs from overseas through ports and airports and to fully eradicate drug trafficking in the country and prevent other social illnesses caused by drug abuse.

The Task Force is also vested with the responsibility of investigating and preventing any illegal and antisocial activities in and around prisons.

(Source: News Radio)