Teachers & principals to fall sick today to show their dissent to Government

Sri Lankan teacher with children

Teachers and principals of government schools will engage in a strike action today (April 25) demanding an immediate solution to the political and economic crisis in the country.

They state that amidst the current crisis, school children and teachers have had to face many economic and transportation issues.

Even if the strike cripples the whole country, the government will not step down. It used to appoint ministers, but does not have any plan to provide relief to the suffering masses, Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU) General Secretary Joseph Stalin said.

“With the prices of essentials, fuel and several others skyrocketing, the schools are made to suffer. Children are unable to attend schools due to higher transportation costs and the school vans too have increased their fees beyond the parents’ affordability. These have made a significant impact on the teachers too. Considering all these facts, the CTU requested the Education Ministry to give a chance to the children to get into a nearby school, which will help travelling cost and duration. However, the Ministry has rejected the request, “he said.

The Collective said as a result, teachers and principals across the country will engage in a strike action today demanding justice amidst the difficulties that have arisen.

Several teachers and principals have decided to come to the Galle Face Green to show their dissension, he said.

Stalin added that the government should take the whole responsibility for the losses caused to the schoolchildren with their planned action today.