Terror attacks: Rs. 500 million fund for disabled or orphaned children

Prime Minister's office in Sri Lanka

The government has taken measures to establish a special fund for children left disabled or orphaned due to the Easter Sunday bombings.

Issuing a statement, the Prime Minister’s Office noted that the fund would be established with Rs.500 million, while the government will grant Rs. 100 million and the balance Rs.400 million would be added as donations.

The government will also bear the cost of overseas treatment for those who require it, while a special programme has been implemented to identify specific needs of those affected.

The Cabinet Paper in this regard is expected to be presented by the Prime Minister tomorrow, while a special committee has been appointed under the leadership of the Prime Minister’s Secretary to oversee and implement this proposal.

The total number killed during the Easter Sunday attacks has been confirmed at 261, while compensation has been paid to 174 of them already. Medical records regarding 226 persons out of 407 injured, have been received and compensation has been paid to them.

As soon as the reports of the rest of the injured is received, compensation payments would be made to all of them.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe presented the initial Cabinet Paper for the payment of compensation for those affected by the Easter Sunday attacks on April 22, which received Cabinet approval on April 25.

Subsequently, several Mosques were damaged during clashes and the Prime Minister had presented a Cabinet Paper for the repair of these damaged Mosques and compensation for those injured in these clashes which received approval on May 23.

(Source: Daily News)