The comedy of Sri Lankan asylum seekers and refugees in the UK


We have a situation where people do not want to stay in Sri Lanka. The reasons they give for not wanting to stay or that they can’t stay range from whatever they can pull out of the bag of lies and range from harassment, torture, kidnapping and rape. Lies end up spoiling the real cases and the theatrics of the bogus ones end up getting the refugee endorsement and the congratulations must go to those that trained them. Can people really find a country that has no harassment, torture or rape? Besides, UK can’t talk for statistics on crime in the UK is nothing UK has won prizes for, in fact UK has the worst crime record in the entire EU. Asylum seekers may not have thought of the UK extortion racket and other arm twisting tactics used upon Tamil Diaspora which continue still. Knowing that people do not wish to stay in Sri Lanka, why should we wish to get them deported back? Why should UK authorities waste time, money and personnel on investigations when all that Sri Lanka needs to say is – keep them, they are welcome to stay in UK and the rest of the Western nations they are bound to and accept all others who wish to leave Sri Lanka too. We need to start thinking afresh.

The current situation arises from a series of accusations hurdled against Sri Lanka claiming different types of harassment including rape as the means to argue the rights of asylum seekers to remain in UK and not be deported. Their trauma is such that they are even enrolling in centres to be coached on how to fool UK authorities. These trauma-teaching centres have done an excellent job for even William Hague has fallen and now Bianca Jagger and Angelina Jolie are coming to their rescue.

The Sri Lankan authorities need to seriously ask themselves if it makes any sense in going after people who do not wish to stay in Sri Lanka? If people are prepared and have the ability to spend in dollars to get into a cramped boat bound for Australia, Canada, UK or wherever else, why do we want to stop them even if they are prepared to take the risk of capsizing in midsea? The peculiar thing about the asylum seekers is that they are ever ready to invest in dollars to get away from Sri Lanka because of harassment but they are very choosy about where they are destined to go. The choice is never India and in particular Tamil Nadu, where Tamil Nadu Chief Minister took the risk of not attending the Modi inauguration just to please Tamils in Sri Lanka and show them that she meant she would deliver Eelam. One does wonder why, when there is a state and Tamil politicians from its Chief Minister downwards spend more time speaking about the grievances of the Tamils, that Sri Lanka’s Tamils prefer going to the Western nations ONLY. Then again the Sri Lankan Tamils must be also alert to the appalling conditions that their own people have been suffering in refugee centres in Tamil Nadu for decades and rapes and even bombs getting hurled at them too. Maybe its time for Bianca Jagger and Angelina Jolie to take her brood there for investigations too. Anyhow, who would want to go to Tamil Nadu when the environment has been set for Tamils to seek asylum in Western nations and it has become a very lucrative adventure too and probably some folks from the West are also involved in the racket – human smuggling is as lucrative as narcotics and LTTE features big time in both.

The solution is really simple. Let them go and let the authorities in the countries that they are bound to, deal with them. The reasons they give cannot overlap or compromise on the legal structures in place. It is to infiltrate and manipulate the legal systems in place that refugees have found a haven in bringing harassments, rape and other unprovable issues which are super grounds for one government to embarrass another and take a diplomatic high hand in the situation. UK takes the cake easily.

If refugees arriving in the UK are so distraught and the UK Prime Minister, Angelina Jolie or Bianca Jagger cannot get any sleep thinking of them why don’t they allocate some of their personal funds for counseling or better still decide to waive all UK laws and allow them to remain in the UK. Maybe UK should declare that all refugee seekers/asylum seekers are welcome in the UK for David Cameron and William Hague will guarantee their safety in the UK. If people are happier to live in the UK, by all means the UK should facilitate this.

That is why we ask the UK authorities whether there is any point in carrying investigations for rapes when the likelihood of finding the culprit is 20million to 1? Therefore, while William Hague is delighted he has got the better out of Sri Lanka by pulling diplomatic punches he provides no solution to the distraught victim trained to act in anguish at the UK centres hearing the appeal. He or she is more concerned about how far her/his act has worked to ensure that she/he can remain in the UK.

Just in case people have got a wrong perception of the UK, let us remind them that

  • 33% cases recorded as rapes in the UK are dismissed.
  • March 2012-March 2013 – 10,000 rapes recorded of adults and 6000 of children
  • The league of shame
  • UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU.
  • UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU
  • Nearly a fifth of all suspected rapists and murderers arrested last year were immigrants  (Daily Mail)
  • A fifth of all murder & rape suspects are immigrants,
    Over 72,000 men are raped/sexually assaulted every year in UK
  • a staggering 750,000 foreign criminals have been arrested since 2008 (BNP website)
  • Lest refugees/asylum seekers have missed out – UK is supposedly the most violent country in Europe worst than South Africa and the US – what has William Hague, Bianca Jagger have to say now?

Also taken from BNP website From the gun-wielding black gangs, the foreign drug smugglers and their wars, the people smugglers, the cannabis growers, the paedophile grooming gangs, the car insurance scam gangs, the driving test scams, the benefit fraudsters, the foreign squatters – including the traveller squatters – the British people are mired in a cesspit of crime all brought to us by the Lib/Lab/Con politicians, who have police protection for themselves and can afford to live in areas unaffected by this criminal blight.”

Before concluding, it is also good to point out what some of these refugees end up becoming in the UK:

  • Tamil gang wars since 2000 have led to 10 deaths so much so that British Metropolitan police have had to set up a task force Operation Enver to deal with such attacks.(BBC)
  • There is said to be 5 main Tamil gangs operated in London alone (East Ham, Walthamstow, Wembley, Merton, Croydon)
  • Chief Inspector Derrik Griffiths “All crimes were detected and people were charged but what we found was the level of intimidation was so high that we couldn’t get anybody from the Tamil community to come to court and give evidence,” – UK Tamils need a TRC.
  • A police operation uncovered that in the past two years alone, credit card frauds by Tamil gangs amounted to £70m (BBC)
  • In Newham, for instance, gang members demand £10,000 to £15,000 a year from shops and businesses while they confiscate cars from people and demand up to £3,000 for their return (BBC) – UK is very safe for Tamils.
  • “The boys get rid of their ID papers so when they are taken back to Sri Lanka the immigration there says we can’t prove their nationality,” ….. “Boys of 12 and 14 are being lured by the gangs. The attraction of having money and flashy cars and the show of power gets the children interested in gang culture.” …. a police report identified 169 groups, more than a quarter of which have been involved in murders. (BBC quoting Inspector Griffiths)

Seven Tamil gang members convicted in London for attacking another Tamil man with Samurai type sword and seriously injuring him –

All we can say is good luck to the Brits – some headaches are not worth keeping.

– by Shenali D Waduge