Tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka cross 600,000 mark

Tourists arrive at Sri Lanka Airport

Tourists arrive in Sri Lanka at Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). (Photo by Pradeep Dambarage / Nurphoto)

The tourist arrivals to the country for the first 20 days of November totalled 37,490, resulting in the total number of international visitors entering the country crossing the 600,000 mark.

The provisional data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority showed that with the November arrival numbers, Sri Lanka has welcomed a total of 605,748 visitors to the country for the year 2022 so far.

As of November 20, the average daily arrival is 1,874. This is a significant improvement, given that following the economic and political turmoil that erupted in April, Sri Lanka’s average daily arrival was in the 1,200 to 1,400 range.

However, the weekly analysis shows the third week of November (November 15 to 20) witnessed a dip in the arrival rate when compared with the second week.

The second week, (November 08 to 14) saw 13,051 international visitors entering the country, whereas the first week (November 01 to 07) saw 12,431 tourists coming into Sri Lanka.

The Russian Federation tops the list as the largest tourist traffic generator for November, accounting for 25 percent of the total arrivals. India ranks second, as it contributed to 17 percent of the total arrivals and the UK ranks third, bringing in 8 percent of the total number of international visitors.

(Daily Mirror)