UK must ban LTTE fronts – rights of British citizens comes first


– by Shenali D Waduge –

Are organizations banned to give them opportunity for more publicity? It seems this is the case with the LTTE. Banned by 32 nations it is bewildering how its fronts are able to hob-nob with foreign parliamentarians who seem to care very little that their citizens are being duped by various schemes and scandals taking place. The escalation of violations of the rights of UK, EU, Canadian and Australian nationals warrants their Governments and law-enforcement to seriously make a policy decision to clamp down on the blatant misuse, abuse and manipulation of foreign systems and the kindness of its citizens and these factors must supersede that of courting these organizations for their promise of electoral votes and other remunerations. British politicians are voted to represent the British people not citizens of foreign nations. LTTE and its front’s may claim to have over a dozen reasons to put up an Eelam in Sri Lanka or elsewhere but that does not mean that LTTE and its fronts should have any right to be fooling the British or any other foreign citizen.

Why would UK authorities allow LTTE fronts to operate so openly on its soil after a proscription is in place?

From allowing LTTE to openly declare London as its international headquarters as far back as the early 1980s, to allowing Anton and Adel Balasingham to operate from London knowing her training of children as child soldiers and a novel method of suicide terrorism should have prompted UK authorities to pursue criminal charges against her – why has the UK Government not done so?

Since the ban on the LTTE in 2001 the incidents of law enforcement in the UK taking action against  LTTE fronts are given below.

Unite Kingdom

  • 2013 – Feb 27: Global Tamil Forum 3rd anniversary conference held at House of Parliament, Committee Room 14 – Speakers ere Nick Clegg, Ed Davey MP, Ed Miliband MP, Simon Hughes MP, Keith Vaz MP. Baroness Warsi, Yolanda Foster (Amnesty International), Erik Solheim, David Miliband and Callum Macrae. Vote of thanks was delivered by Rt. Hon Joan Ryan, Policy Advisor, GTF.
  • 2012 – Nov 10 – World Tamil Conference held at British House of Parliament.
  • 2012 – June 04: British Sri Lankans hold demonstration against violent methods of LTTE rump in UK.
  • 2011 June 15: After release of Channel 4 documentary, UK presses Sri Lanka to investigate alleged war crimes or face international inquiry.
  • 2009 – Jun 19: Arunachal Chrishanthakumar (A C Shanthan) of British Tamil Association jailed for 2 years for providing equipment for LTTE.
  • 2009 – May 31: Demonstrations outside UK Parliament by pro-LTTE demonstrators for 43 days has cost UK police 8million sterling pounds (Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson). Police had to reduce policing in London streets, demonstrators had pelted stones and other missiles at the Indian High Commission breaking the bullet proof windows and even stoning SL High Commission. Pro-LTTE supporter also waved LTTE flags with LTTE insignia – all violations of UK anti-terror laws.
  • 2009 – May 24: Pro-LTTE supporters attack 5 ‘Sam’ Chicken’ outlets owned by Sam Chandrasingha in Wembley, Kingsbury, Wilsden, Sudbury Hill and Cricklewood.
  • 2009 – May 14: Sri Lankan Buddhist temples in London attacked by LTTE
  • 2009 – May 13: Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Center in Kingsbury North West London attacked with stones. Ninth occasion that the temple has been attacked.
  • 2009 – Jan 28: Chief of LTTE/Britain A C Shanthan appeared before Kingston Crown Court London charged with 5 offences. Three others – Jegatheswaran Muraleetharan alias Muralee Tharan, his brother Jeyatheswaran Vythyatharan alias Vithy Tharan and Murugesu Jegatheeswaran alias M. Jegan – are accused of receiving electronic items for use in terrorism.
  • 2009 – Apr 11: 100,000 pro-LTTE supporters march to London to demand ceasefire.
  • 2008 – Aug 7: Sri Lankan Tamil jailed in UK for 2 years and 9 months after confessing cloning credit cards of British customers for LTTE – sterling pounds 175,000 theft to LTTE.
  • 2008 – May 25: British police arrest Jegatheswaran Muraleetharan alias Muralee Tharan, Jeyatheswaran Vythyatharan alias Vithy Tharan, Murugesu Jegatheeswaran alias M. Jegan and Shanthan for conspiring to procure equipment for LTTE.
  • 2008 – May 8: British police charge 4 Tamils for conspiring to support LTTE – Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar alias AC Shanthan, 51; Jegatheswaran Muraleetharan alias Muralee Tharan, 46; Jeyatheswaran Vythyatharan alias Vithy Tharan, 39; and Murugesu Jegatheeswaran alias M Jegan, 33.
  • 2008 – May 6: Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar alias A. C. Shanthan (51), the de-facto leader of the LTTE in the United Kingdom, was re-arrested in connection with terrorist funding and procurement activities. Shanthan was earlier arrested on June 28, 2007. Shanthan was alleged to have been operating with Anton Balasingham very closely to build up the outfit in London.
  • 2008 – Apr 29: London Metropolitan police arrest 3 for supporting LTTE – all 3 were between 33-46years.
  • 2008 – Apr 22: London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, addresses meeting co-organized by British Tamil Forum, an LTTE front though warned at highest diplomatic levels about terror links. At a BTF meeting held at Excel Center, Docklands on 27 Nov 2007 a video message from LTTE leader Prabakaran was played where he praises suicide bombing.
  • 2008 – Mar 2: Sri Lanka urges British Government to ban fund-raising activities of LTTE front organizations functioning as ‘charities’ following Tamil Youth Organization organized a cultural show to raise funds for an educational project in Vishvamadu.
  • 2008 – Feb 4: Sri Lanka claims 2 London-based LTTE members arrested in Canada for credit card cloning – Kirubakaran Selvanayagam Pillai (38) and Sethukavalar Saravanabhavan (35),
  • 2008 – Feb: Pro-LTTE Tamils protest outside Downing Street organized by Tamil Youth Organization – spokesman Suren Surendiran said TYO intends to have exhibitions in Canada, Australia, US, South Africa
  • 2008 – Jan 22: a 2008 Calendar depicting LTTE logo and map of separate state of ‘Tamil Eelam’ sold outside Hindu temples in London on Jan 1st at the rate of five pounds and 10 pounds each.
  • 2008 – Jan 16: British Tamil Forum calls for boycott of Sri Lankan Airlines to deny estimated earnings of £12 million every year from British Tamils travelling to Sri Lanka – head of BTF Ivan Pedropillai also urged British tourists not to travel to Sri Lanka.
  • 2008 – Jul 16: British Tamil Forum organizes photo exhibition in British Parliament attended by UK MPs, Members of House of Lords, former cabinet ministers, mayors, international and UK organizations, even 3 MPs of TNA Ms Padmini Sithamparanathan MP, Jayananthamoorthi MP and Gagendran MP.
  • 2007 – Aug 28: LTTE cadres receiving ‘police’ training in UK after 2002 ceasefire agreement probed after arrest of LTTE suspect Kalimuttu Vinodkumar who informed that he was one of 12 LTTE cadres sent for a 3month training to Northern Ireland after CFA was signed and conducted by foreign instructors with help of Tamil translators.
  • 2007 – Jul 13: Protests against Ken Livingston, Mayor of London to ban Trafalgar Square rally organized by LTTE for July 14.
  • 2007 – Jul 8: UK places LTTE as 2nd most dangerous terrorist group after Al Qaeda. UK has 44 groups on its list of terrorist organizations.
  • 2007 – Jul 5: UK Court freezes bank accounts of LTTE leader A C Shanthan – Krishnatha Kumar and wife. 28 charges are filed againt Shanthan including extortion, operation of business enterprises, printing press and oil storages with ill-gotten wealth. All employees were LTTE members. These businesses had earned sterling pounds 4billion upto Jul2nd. Goldan Lambert arrested along with Shanthan is under house arrest. Lambert faces charges of kidnapping for ransom and extortion. Pakyadevi a LTTE female cadre is absconding.
  • 2007 – May 16: London court told that Senthuraj Thavapalasingham alias ‘Psycho’ of Romford is leading LTTE extortionist gang called ‘East side boys’ in Newham. Chief Inspector Derrick Griffiths says ‘to my knowledge there are around 5 Tamil gangs operating in London. This is a gang of about 30 young men aged between 15 and 32 years paid by an organization called the LTTE. They were paid to extort money from local businessmen and residents. Their victims were paying anywhere between Pounds 5,000 and 25,000 a year. In one case a businessman was paying 25,000 a year for four years.”
  • 2007 – May 6: BBC report on Armulmihu Hindu temple in Tooting south London said to raise nearly £500,000 each year, is said to have links to the LTTE in Sri Lanka.
  • 2007 – Jun 30: British law enforcement has requested Sri Lankan counterparts for details of 5 Sri Lankan youth for kidnapping Bavananthan Thirunavukarasu employed at a petrol shed in Kent. All 5 are wanted for fundraising for LTTE and installation of sophisticated credit card cloning equipment.
  • 2007 – Jun 28: Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar alias Shanthan – President of British Tamil Association and head of finance Goldan Lambert charged by Scotland Yard under UK Terrorism Act 2000 for supporting LTTE. Shanthan faces 5 charges. Lambert is charged with assisting management of Hyde Park event.
  • 2007 – Jun 21: A C Shanthan arrested in relation to LTTE event held at Hyde Park in London on July 25, 2006.
  • 2007 – Jan 19: Chennai police arrests G Elango, LTTE agent carrying a British passport along with 28 ATM cards. Elango withdraw INR30 lakhs from ATMs and sent to UK. Elango is a shareholder in ‘Thamilini’ a cash and carry grocery shop in UK.
  • 2006 – Aug 28: British doctor, Murugesu Vinayagamoorthy alias Dr. Moorthy, a senior LTTE intermediary, is arrested from New York for aiding the LTTE by facilitating the purchase of American rockets and British submarine technology.
  • 2001 – Feb 28: LTTE is proscribed in the United Kingdom, along with 20 other terrorist organisations, under the new Terrorism Act 2000. 2006 – 29 Jul: UK proscribes LTTE alongside EU

Pro-LTTE Organizations

  • Tamil Rehabilitation organization (TRO)  – TRO was banned in the UK but not before it transferred its funds to White Pigeon which is also facing ongoing investigations. One of the trustees of TRO, UK, N. Sathyamoorthy is a director of ITRO, which shows the clear link between the two. in August 2005 the UK Charity Commission de-listed the charity Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (UK) from its list of charities for its links with the LTTE. At the time of its being de-listed it had £1.3 million. TRO quickly registered itself as International TRO and now as TRO (UK). TRO has declared to the British authorities that since 1995 approximately 2.5 million pounds have gone from Britain to LTTE control, tax free, via the charity under the guise of “rehabilitation work”. TRO has raised approximately 3 million pounds since 1995 and have no staff costs, most of those who canvass for the TRO are working for the other two charities and the Housing Association and are receiving salaries courtesy of the British tax payer. The total salary costs since 1995 of the Housing Association and the two charities (excluding TRO which has no salary costs) is approximately 1.5 million pounds.
  • White Pigeon – under investigation – , transferred approx. £500,000 (SL Rs 98.64 million) from its account at the National Westminster Bank, Sutton branch. It regularly transmits funds to the Bumiputhra Commerce Bank in Kuala Lumpur which is the bank account of the World Tamil Relief Fund for procurement of military hardware for the LTTE.
  • World Tamil Movement (WTM),
  • Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC),
  • Tamil Youth Organisation UK (TYO UK)
  • British Tamil Association (BTA)
  • British Tamil Forum(BTF) – launched in 2006,
  • Tamil Youth Organization (TYO),
  • London Tamil Manram
  • Tamil Co-ordinating Committee
  • Eelam Solidarity Campaign
  • Tamil Information Centre
  • International Federation of Tamils – publishes Kalathil a Tamil journal, N Satyendran, son of late S Nadesan QC legal brain of LTTE is its advisor
  • World Saiva Council
  • International Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (ITRO registered immediate after TRO was delisted).
  • The Tamil Refugee Action Group even got a British National Lottery grant of 78,450 pounds on 2nd December 1998.
  • Tamil Refugee Education and Training Centre received a British National Lottery grant of 155,484 pounds, on 4th March 1999.
  • The two leading LTTE front organizations are the BTF and the GTF (launched on 24 Feb 2010 at the UK House of Commons in the presence of then British Foreign Secretary David Miliband). There is also the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG-T). The Chair is Lee Scott MP, Ilford North while Siobhain McDonough MP Mitcham and Morden is Vice Chair. MP Robert Halfon (Treasurer and Secretary)
  • Both BTF and GTF were launched in the UK.
  • GTF is led by 75 year old Catholic priest Father S J Emmanual
  • Even British Prime Minster Gordon Brown met with representatives of the GTF. The Conservative “shadow” foreign secretary William Hague, and his Liberal Democrat counterpart, Ed Davery, addressed the GTF conference. Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Robert Blake, the current US Secretary of State for South and Central Asia and a former US ambassador to Sri Lanka, sent greetings. Reverend Jesse Jackson, who was introduced as “President Obama’s friend,” gave a speech welcoming the GTF’s founding. Is this not imperialistic patronage at its best?
  • Is BTF and GTF connected to the LTTE?
  • When on 7 March 2012 the British Tamil Forum, Canadian Tamil Congress (the organization that gave 50,000 Canadian dollars to Amnesty International), Tamil Youth Organization (UK), US Tamil Political Action Council issues a joint statement is the link not obvious?
  • Since 1995, three LTTE British charities and the Tamil Housing Association has raised over 8 million pounds. Most of the funds have been attracted as grants from local and central government because of the legitimacy these organisations have derived from being registered charities and a Housing Association in the UK.

So many reasons to ban LTTE fronts in the UK

  • Human Rights Watch ‘Funding the final war- LTTE intimidation and extortion in the Tamil Diaspora, a case study of UK and Canada’ – extortion range from £2000 to £100,000 from Tamil families and businesses. Killings for non-payment ex: Subramaniam Sivakumar, a Tamil businessman operating a grocery (Apna Bazaar) in North West London was killed on 5 January 2006
  • Tamil gang violence – stabbing to death of a Tamil on 16 February 2006 at McDonalds, Tooting. In 2005, 16 killings were reported involving Sri Lankan Tamils.
  • Kovils collecting money – Sivayogam Temple in Tooting sending explosives as tsunami aid, sponsoring LTTE boatyard at Sampoor
  • Annual remittances from UK is about £10 million through extortion and other illegal activities
  • 2 annual events held on 27 Nov (Prabakaran’s Birthday) and 25 July (Black July)

If UK has banned LTTE in 2001, is it correct for

  • Hon. Keith Simpson to address British Tamil Conservatives in January 2010?
  • Siobhain McDonagh MP to demand UK take action against Sri Lanka – hansard transcript
  • Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander to call for an international commission on inquiry at a Tamils for Labor event?
  • MP Gareth Thomas raising concerns about UK decision to deport Tamil asylum seekers?
  • MP Lee Scott who is the Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils calling for ‘justice for Tamils’
  • 41 British MPs to write to David Cameron in 2011 calling for an international inquiry against Sri Lanka?
  • Attendance of many UK MPs and foreign VIPs at the World Tamil Conference held in the British Parliament in 2012 where a resolution calling for the removal of the Sri Lankan military in the north, stopping Sinhalization of Tamil Homeland, stop decimation of Tamil Nation were endorsed by

Peter Chalk of University of Queensland, Australia says that several international NGOs are supporting the LTTE

  • Canadian Relief Organization for Peace in Sri Lanka;
  • The International Educational Development Inc. (IED);
  • The World Council of Churches;
  • The Australian Human Rights Foundation;
  • The International Human Rights Group;
  • The International Federation of Journalists;
  • Pax Romana;
  • The International Peace Bureau;
  • The International Human Rights Law Group; and the
  • Robert F Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights.

British MPs should focus on finding out how many Britishers who go to fill petrol and pay by credit card have their details cloned and their money illegally sent out to fund terror?

British voters must now demand that its Parliamentarians and the UK Prime Minister get hold of the organized crime taking place under their very noses.

These LTTE fronts have not organized themselves around a new game plan. Earlier it was only the Tamil Diaspora from whom they were forcing ‘voluntary’ donations. Now it’s a totally new ball game with the British larger public being targeted. No Britisher would like to know that their hard earned money is going towards terror activity. There are 9500 petrol sheds across the UK anyone can do some calculations to see how much these LTTE fronts could be pumping money out of the country and out of the purses of British citizens. So far 200 filling stations have been identified in Edinburgh, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Peterborough, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol and Hull. Conservative Party MP Andrew Selous wife was also a victim with 1000 pounds stolen from her account (in New York)

British MPs should find out how many other LTTE charities are manipulating the kindness of the British public and using their donations to buy arms and ammunition sending out the money tax-free.

British MPs should be concerned about how LTTE a foreign terrorist organization has defrauded the British Treasury, Her Majesty’s Inland Revenue and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise of over 1million pounds by raising over 3million pounds in the UK without paying value added tax on turnover and transferring over 2.5million out of UK since 1995 exploiting the ‘charity status’ it has deceptively acquired.

British MPs must begin to wake up to the fact that LTTE fronts are at the center of everything from credit card frauds to money laundering, drug trafficking to international narcotics trade and operating illegal shipping network as well. With LTTE ground force now no more why have these LTTE fronts not discontinued its money collection? Annual remittances from UK through various illegal activities is around £10 million – this money belongs to Britain and not to LTTE fronts.