Vasantha challenges Partymen

Wasantha Senanayake

Alleging that there was a move within his Party to remove him from his position as the State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vasantha Senanayake said, he will not leave that position.

He said this yesterday (30), at a press conference held at a private location in Colombo 7. Previously, the press conference was to be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; however, the location was once again shifted as the matters under discussion might violate election regulations.

“I was someone who was prepared to leave politics and go home. But now they are trying to remove me from my position by force. I would like to tell those members of the United National Party (UNP) that only the President can remove me from this position,” he added.

He further challenged those within the UNP to remove him from his post if they can.

“I was going to quit politics before, but now I will definitely not do that. I will stay in this position and I dare those people to remove me. I received a call today from the Chairman of the UNP and he said that certain members had said that they had attempted to remove me by accident. If it was an accident, then he should have gone to the Media and said so,” he added.

Senanayake added that whilst he had not considered joining the Opposition before, he was definitely considering it now.

(Source: Ceylon Today – By Ranmini Gunasekara)