Vehicle spare parts prices skyrocketed in Sri Lanka

Vehicle spare parts

People allege that the prices of vehicle spare parts such as lubricants, tires and batteries for motorcycles, three-wheelers, cars, buses has risen unbearably.

People say that they have not been able to maintain their vehicles due to the non-availability of some spare parts in the market for a long time and prices of some spare parts have increased by 300%.

Motorcycle tires which were priced between Rs.4,000 and Rs.5,000 have exceeded Rs.12,000.

Motorcycle battery which was priced at Rs.3,600 has exceeded Rs.9,000, the brake liner which was priced at Rs.450 is sold up to Rs.1,200, the chain sprocket which was priced at Rs.4,000 is sold at a price of Rs.9,000 and the lubricating oil which was priced at Rs.800 is sold at a price of Rs.1,600.

Bus tires which were Rs.35,000 have gone up to Rs.75,000 and batteries which were Rs.24,000 have gone up to Rs.70,000.

They also say that there is a huge shortage of retreaded tires in the market.

Apart from this, the people also say that the spare parts of all vehicles, including tires, have increased beyond their means.

Dealers of vehicle spare parts say that importation issues of vehicle spare parts and the existing shortage have led to the increase in the price of spare parts.