Will support Government on matters beneficial to people – TNA

R Sampanthan

TNA Leader, Parliamentarian R. Sampanthan said his party would never hesitate to support the Government in decisions beneficial to the country and the people.

Addressing a media conference held in Trincomalee, Sampanthan said his party will continue to remain in the Opposition in Parliament but it did not mean that they would oppose the Government at every turn.

He said he had never stated that Sajith Premadasa should be made the Opposition Leader and added that it was completely an internal party matter for the UNP to decide.

Sampanthan said certain opinions were being currently expressed regarding the Speaker’s post in Parliament. He said that in Karu Jayasuriya, they already had a Speaker holding office. However, if an opportunity arose to exercise votes regarding this position they would take the ideal decision opportune for that moment.

(Source: Daily News)