A Sri Lankan woman in Italy infected with the COVID-19 / Coronavirus

COVID-19 - Coronavirus

The first Sri Lankan woman to be infected with the Covid-19 or Coronavirus has been reported from Italy.

The Sri Lankan Consulate General Office office in Milano said that a 46 year old woman living in Brescia Italy has been infected with the Virus.

She is a resident of Horana and has been living in Italy for the past ten years together with her husband.

The Italian national who had taken care of this woman had been infected with the Virus first and later she too had contracted the virus.

The number of deaths due to the virus in Italy has increased to 52 while 2036 persons have been infected.

Italy has been teh worst affected country amongst all European countries.

A media statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Relation had identified the following efforts to safeguard Sri Lankans amidst rise of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy.

The Foreign Relations Ministry in coordination with the Sri Lanka Embassy in Rome and the Consulate General Office in Milan is taking action to closely monitor and coordinate efforts to ensure the safety of Sri Lankans residing in Italy, following the recent rise of COVID-19 cases, particularly in the Lombardy Region.

According to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Rome and the Sri Lanka Consulate General Office in Milan, over 104,000 Sri Lankans reside in Italy of which approximately 60 percent are in the Lombardy region. The Missions are presently communicating with the health authorities in these regions and are in contact with Sri Lankan Temples, community leaders and all others concerned. Sri Lankans visiting Italy, in particular, northern Italy are requested to be vigilant and take all necessary precautions in line with rules, regulations and safety measures issued by the local authorities for the contaminant of the virus.

Hotlines operated by the Embassy and Consulate are currently functional on a round-the-clock basis and a Help Desk is also operational in order to respond to the needs of the Sri Lankan community.

The Hotlines are: Embassy General Lines: (0039)-06-884-0801, (0039)-06-885-4560

Sri Lanka Embassy in Rome: Mr. Sisira Senavirathne ,

Charge d’Affaires, (0039)3499351745

Ms. Priya Nagarajah, Third Secretary, (0039) 3403581603

Ms. Nimali Jayamaha, Management Assistant, (0039) 3483027997

Consulate General Lines: (0039)2495365530, (0039)245395621

Sri Lanka Consulate General in Milan:

Ms Sandamalee Dissanayake, Attaché (0039) 3888016268

Ms.Chathurika Roshani, Management Assistant (0039)3887249016

(Source: Hiru News)