All sectors in Sri Lanka collapsing at present – UNP

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The United National Party says all sectors in Sri Lanka are collapsing at present.

Speaking during a media briefing at the party headquarters, Sirikotha, Vice Leader of the UNP Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said it is confirmed as professional groups including teachers, who worked to bring the present administration into power, are now standing against the government.

He claimed the economy, health, education, agriculture and the country’s assets have been destroyed.

He added the government is unable to provide education to children, and lacks a programme in this regard.

Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said the government failed to formulate a programme to at least provide education to children through television programmes, while at home.

He added the government also failed to reach an agreement with trade unions.

The UNP Vice Leader stated during the term of the good governance government when he was the Education Minister, he worked to resolve teachers salary anomalies from 2018.

He noted the relevant Cabinet Paper was tabled in 2019 and funds were allocated to make the payment from 2020.

He added however the present government came into power and was unable to pay the funds. Kariyawasam said the government has failed to provide any solution in this regard.

Meanwhile, Deputy Leader of the UNP Ruwan Wijewardene said the government must increase salaries of the public through the 2022 Budget, in order to serve justice to the people.

He claimed the people are unable to survive adding that the cost of living has increased by 200 percent.

Wijewardene said the government failed to control the prices of rice, gas and milk powder.

He noted the people, teachers and principals have taken to the streets, as they are severely burdened, and the government must be held responsible.

He added although the government attempts to blame the situation on COVID-19, in reality it is due to the government’s mismanagement of the economy.

(Source: News Radio)