Aluth Avurudda serves as a catalyst for fresh thinking: President

Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena

The customary rites and rituals attached with the “Avurudda”, based on the transition of the sun, depict the social connotation of the deep and subtle connection between man and nature in physical and spiritual facets since the origins of life on Planet Earth many ages ago, states President Maithripala Sirisena in a Sinhala and Tamil New Year message.

The President’s message adds: “Aluth Avurudda” is a turning point of our lives as it resuscitates to serve as a catalyst to change our attitudes for bringing some fresh thinking.

“The manifestation of rituals during the Avurudu festivities is a living example for gratefulness of the human being, since time immemorial, and such values are still alive in the collective consciousness of the people due to the strength of our cultural sprit in an age where the agricultural life style is being transformed, tremendously.

“The entire gamut of the Avurudu customs portrays praising nature which is similar to a caring mother figure towards mankind; as she offers humans the sustenance they need to survive. It also showcases a renewal of the close relationships with fellow members of society. The Avurudu Nakath system has paved the way to time management with a time table for the activities come under the Avurudu celebrations. Practicing the exchange of money at an auspicious time in all solemnity in the Avurudu celebrations is a deep-rooted value of our distinctive cultural heritage as it denotes being authentic in the transactions is a noblest manner as both giving and receiving are taking place simultaneously in a much transparent manner.

“The intention of the whole range of Avurudu customs, marked in line with the transition of the Sun, is the formation of a new man free from regressive thinking and menial attitudes.

“Let’s determine to join hands to build a country where reconciliation and coexistence are given pride of place while making the victories achieved more meaningful. “I wish a very happy, prosperous and peaceful Aluth Avurudda to all Sri Lankans living in the country and overseas,” the message adds.

(Source: Daily News)