Australia says ‘No Discrimination’ demolishing the Anti-Sri Lanka lobby

Sri Lanka Boat People

There is light at the end of the tunnel they say and liars will eventually get exposed. Not bad news at all. The position taken by the Tony Abbot Government is commendable. ‘Increasingly shrill’ was what Scott Morrison Australia’s Immigration Minister called critics. Having visited Sri Lanka and toured North Sri Lanka he was in a better position to declare whether Nazi’s prevailed in Sri Lanka other than those quoting from paid sources! ‘Do not use boat people’ to carry out a political agenda against Sri Lanka says the Abbot Government. Australia has shattered the efforts being subtly made to create UN precedents against Sri Lanka thereby placing an imperial foothold into Asia.

The boat people woes surrounding ‘stories’ of abductions, fear for life, ransom, torture, rape were all areas that Navi Pillai and clan had to gleefully generate ‘witness accounts’ in order to internationally flog Sri Lanka and accuse it of the now infamous lines ‘human rights violations’.

When Australia says they could not find a ‘single case of asylum seekers being abused by authorities’ it has put Pillai and plotters on the backfoot. Sri Lanka has exposed some liars of late too. Does anyone recall the story of Kathiravel Thayapararaja. He was declared tortured and killed by the Sri Lankan army. The story was reported internationally citing credible sources – the University Teachers for Human Rights- Jaffna, War without Witnesses, European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights and even Australian Government Refugee Review Tribunal report which was actually quoting the exact wordings from pro-LTTE website Tamilnet went overboard in criticizing Sri Lanka.

The University Teachers for Human Rights actually gave the dates on which he was kidnapped, tortured and shot (13 September 2009) and even disclosed that he was taken to the Kalubowila hospital as well. Fast forward to 2014 May 5th, the supposedly kidnapped, tortured and dead Kathiravel Thayapararaja is arrested by the Dhanushkodi police, Tamil Nadu India while illegally trying to enter India. Another case of dead coming alive and not a word of apology was made by any of the parties that made the allegations and humiliated Sri Lanka via the paid press.

All the lies built up over the years have been demolished by Australia.

Let’s just quote Bob Carr, the former Foreign Minister. He compared LTTE to genocidal Cambodian dictator Pol Pot. He’s one Australian not in the Tamil Diaspora pocket!

  • “Things I’ve been hearing from the refugee lobby are simply unsustainable,”
  • “The idea that there is entrenched apartheid in the country like old South Africa or the West Bank just cannot be sustained”
  • “You’ve got 12 per cent of the population of Sri Lanka of Tamil background and they are heavily represented in the leadership of the country. You’ve got Tamil political parties sitting in the parliament, Tamil judges, Tamil doctors and engineers, a Tamil business leadership.” – something we’ve been telling for some time now.
  • The boat people racket is nothing that UN, Navi Pillai or the coterie of foreign government funded NGOs (international and local) are unaware of. If you know who owns the boats it’s a matter of knowing how many benefits from human smuggling – an international racket co-partnered with illicit drugs and global prostitution. Anyone keeping a tab on the flights leaving Afghanistan, the Albanian drug mafia and the scores of cases of foreign MPs caught with their pants down will reveal a sinister connectivity. All vices are connected and lead to the same lot of people, the advocates are those sorry lot of people trying to make their bank accounts a little fatter.

We have boat people, illegal immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees and finally Australia has been bold enough to declare them as ‘economic refugees’. It is something we have been saying all along with a very basic argument. If Sri Lanka is a Nazi land and the only recourse is to pay and seek refuge why are these innocent victims not taking the easiest and cheapest ride to Tamil Nadu? Why are they all seeking to take refuge in Australia, or Canada or Europe? Just to test this further, the next boat load of so-called refugees must be asked if they would like to be diverted to Africa and their answer would reveal the bitter truth. These refugees do not wish to escape anywhere – their choice is ONLY Western greener pastures.

Australia – well done for discovering the truth about ‘economic refugees’. Still not convinced – refugees turned back were in possession of IPhones, digital cameras, gold credit cards!

We next come to another accusation – torture. Tied also to a reason to flee Sri Lanka, the world would be aghast to learn that there are centers that take money to inflict wounds and foreign doctors to medically endorse that these wounds are real and recent. Technically, both ‘real’ and ‘recent’ are true but also true is that the wounds are paid for. Naturally the human rights commentators are puzzled how they can be self-inflicted. The wounds are definitely not self-inflicted but the wounds are inflicted because of consent. These wounds that Tamils are showing to immigration officials are ‘consensual wounds – paid for’. The fees are not cheap either and range from sterling pounds 5000 while the immigration racket process ends up having to dole out several more thousands of pounds too and there are solicitors that actually undertake this new crime. Cameron and Hague should wake up to these realities and do something before some of these wounds end up with fatalities. Lets also remember that some of these human smuggled boats were actually operated by LTTE and Canada has dossiers on this.

So we have a steady flow of lies and liars and lie promoters and they are all generating a very handsome income for themselves. They conduct human rights workshops, they publish books, appear on tv teary eyed at the violence in Sri Lanka and those that know the truth are wondering exactly how much has been disbursed into their accounts for such a display of drama.

Only countries plagued with illegal immigrants know the hassle the government has to endure. It is a load on the citizens of the countries whose welfare gets cut short to look after the welfare of other people. Naturally Australians are annoyed when they are now realizing that these are no refugees but economic migrants desiring to enter Australia on bogus stories and then take over their jobs and their welfare.

But, if Canada and UK feel that economic refugees are entitled to ‘refugee status’ they must stop playing politics and accept all applications without scrutiny. There is no requirement to be wasting time, money and effort to listen to woes of people if they are tutored and have paid for their wounds. There are actually centres that cater to training people on what to say, how to say, how to cry – the entire works. This is a bit unfair on genuine cases and totally destroys their ability to apply and seek refugee status. The other amusing factor is that these economic refugees who have previously fooled foreign governments that have granted them asylum and with time, right of stay enjoy coming to Sri Lanka as tourists and holiday makers and then wish to apply for dual citizenship so that they could sell their property and make money there too!

They say empty vessels make the most noise – just ignore them

– by Shenali D Waduge