Getwell pharmacy Wellawatta Sri Lanka


The Ministry of Health has given strict instructions to all Pharmacies in the best interests of the people yet most Pharmacies are exploiting innocent consumers by selling expired medication and substitutes.

The Consumer must first check the following:

  1. Whether the Pharmacy is air conditioned. As the Ministry of Health requires so for medication to be preserved.
  2. Whether the medication asked for is given
  3. The consumer must check the expiry date. Sometimes the Pharmacist will cut the expiry date off the medication strip and then give bits and portions-in which case the consumer should refuse to take it
  4. Most pharmacists in Colombo are used to giving substitutes-never accept them
  5. When you purchase a few tablets off the bottle beware of the expired drugs.

Last evening around 8p.m. a V.V.I.P. had gone to a Pharamacy known as GETWELL PHARMACY in Wellawatte and wanted a card of Cardace 10mg.(High blood Pressure tablets). The pharmacist had asked him to pay Rs.475 to the cashier. When this was paid the Pharmacist gave him a card of Cardace 10mg tablets expired in February 2012. The name of the PHARMACY is revealed in the interests of Public Policy as such no litigation would follow suit. The matter has been reported to the Ministry of Health and the Consumer Affairs Authority. Moreover the Air conditioner in this Pharmacy was switched off. It is there only as a cosmetic exercise.


By Dr.Telli C Rajaratnam