Cabinet agrees to buy unsold produce from farmers

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A major economic crisis is faced by both small-medium scale and large scale farmers over the inability to transport and trade as normal due to the travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, it has been noted that consumers, too, are also facing a scarcity of vegetables and fruits at a fair price.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers granted their consent to implement a program to purchase the stocks of vegetables and fruits which could not be sold during the travel restrictions by the District Secretaries/Agents of Government.

They will be purchased according to the prices of the District Price Committee.

The purchased vegetables and fruits will be provided free of charge to the Covid-19 treatment centers, government hospitals, tri-forces, displacement camps, and families who have lost their livelihoods.

The proposal tabled by the Minister of Agriculture will be implemented until the travel restrictions lifted next.

(Source: Ada Derana)