Cardinal Ranjith says he blamed himself after Easter attacks

Malcolm Ranjith

Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith says that one of the reasons why Sri Lanka is unable to move forward is due to the fact that today’s society has become corrupt.

“We must act against this,” he said, adding that everyone from those in the bottom all the way up to those holding the highest positions are “bowing their heads to the corruption way”.

Speaking during an event in Colombo today, he said that the people have forgotten the importance of living righteously according to faith and religion with their backs straight.

He also said that the country is in need of “clean-up of society” and a revolution of perception.

The Cardinal said that this he was shocked when he first visited the Catholic churches which were the target of the Easter Sunday terror attacks and witnessed all the dead bodies.

Cardinal Ranjith said that he then asked himself what he has done despite being a father and that he criticized himself for failing to fulfill his responsibilities and blamed himself.

“This situation arose because I have not fulfilled my religious duties,” he said.

(Source: Ada Derana)