Children’s oxygen levels can drop suddenly – Health officials

Coronavirus breaking news

Health officials say a child infected with the coronavirus may experience a sudden drop in oxygen levels, while engaged in day to day activities, without any prior symptoms.

Consultant Paediatric Intensivist at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children Dr. Nalin Kitulwatte said oxygen levels drop unexpectedly, without any prior symptoms such as breathing difficulty, or inability to talk or walk.

Dr. Kitulwatte added a child’s oxygen levels drop from its normal level, when engaging in physical activities such as running, adding this is referred to as silent hypoxia.

Therefore, he advised parents to monitor a child’s oxygen level at least twice a day.

Dr. Kitulwatta added if a child’s oxygen levels are less than 94 percent after a minor activity, or if the oxygen level is less than 96 percent when resting, immediate hospitalisation is important.

Meanwhile Dr. Nalin Kitulwatte said all six beds in the Intensive Care Unit of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital are occupied with COVID-positive children.

Dr. Kitulwatte said health workers attached to the ICU have also contracted the coronavirus adding that a dire situation has arisen.

He stated that compared to the Alpha virus variant, the current virus variants are more critical.

(Source: News Radio)