Cinnamon Grand bomber identified as a chief suspect of another case

Court decision

One of the bombers at Cinnamon Grand Hotel Colombo on Easter Sunday, Mohammed Ibrahim Inshaf, has been identified as a main suspect in a case currently being heard before the Colombo Magistrates Court over the theft of a container with aluminum, brass and iron valued at 6.2 million rupees.

Accordingly, when this case was taken up for hearing on 29 January this year, in the presence of Additional Magistrate of Colombo Kanchana Niranjana De Silva this suspect had been present in Court.

The Grandpass Police had reported to the Court that on 30 May 2013, 07 individuals including this person had stolen a container with Aluminum, Brass and Iron worth Rs. 6,166,525 and later the suspects had been released.

Colombo Additional Magistrate ordered the Grandpas Police to seek the advice of the Attorney General over the case and to report facts to the Court on 10 September this year.