COVID pandemic cannot be overcome by locking down the country, DDG Health

Dr. Hemantha Herath

While claiming that the Covid pandemic could not be overcome by locking down the country, Deputy Director General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath said yesterday what was important was the people’s cooperation and their adherence to health practices.

He told the news conference of the Health Promotion Bureau that interpersonal relationships and travel restrictions should be strictly enforced after releasing the current lockdown.

“It is not possible to resolve this issue only by locking down the country.Lockdown will help in a way to curtail the spread. It is pointless locking down the country if people are not adhering to health practices. You can see how many vehicles are traveling on the road despite the lockdown,he said.

Dr. Herath said after lifting the lockdown, it was up to the authorities responsible for transport, business outlets and public places to ensure prevention of mass gathering of people in such places.

“It is vital to strictly impose travel restrictions and restrict interpersonal relationships after lifting the current lockdown.The authorities responsible for transport, trade centers and public places should formulate programmes in advance to prevent mass gathering of people. Without such programmes, don’t put the blame on the health sector,” he said.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Ajith Siriwardana)