Cutting down expenditure won’t be a success – SJB MP

Harsha De Silva

Cutting down expenditure and distribution of essential food items under emergency laws will not help the current financial crisis, an SJB MP said yesterday.

SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva told a press conference that the measures announced by the government will not help in reviving the economy.

“The government will be forced to cut the total salaries of public servants in the Central Government which amounts to Rs. 270 billion annually, Rs. 240 billion spent for salaries of those in Provincial Councils, Rs. 200 billion which is spent annually for the salaries for the security personnel, Rs. 85 billion spent for police and the amount spent for goods and services which comes to Rs. 180 billion annually. As such, is it possible to cut down these expenses?,” he questioned.

“One will have to cut down these expenses as most of the state funds are spent for salaries and goods and services.

(Source: Daily Mirror – By Yohan Perera)