David Cameron – Come clean on British crimes first and be cautious of C4 for your own safety

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. David Cameron, arrived in Sri Lanka

– by Shenali D Waduge –

There are 2 points we would like to convey to Britain. First up is that it is getting a bit tiring listening to statements issued by you and your Government accusing countries of this that and the other ignoring not just your own criminal past but criminal present as well. How would that be benchmarked against the Commonwealth Values that Britain created or are these values and norms, concepts and rules meant for everyone else but the British and their Allies? If so, we may as well put this charade of quoting Commonwealth Values to the dustbin. The next point is that you and your Government would be well aware of C4’s connection to the LTTE. LTTE’s killing ways is nothing that needs repetition. UK continues to ban it. LTTE did not think twice about killing Rajiv Gandhi or President Premadasa and both never thought the tiger would target them. When there are ‘white widow’s’ causing mayhem, we think Britain should always expect the unexpected and therefore it is best to steer clear of C4 and LTTE even if together they go round the world on a sponsored crusade to humiliate Sri Lanka.

Lets return to the contentious question of CRIMES.

Britain, as you may well know engineered crime together with the other seafarers that travelled to take over and plunder nations. None of the natives of any of the African, Latin American, Asian or Pacific continents to which the British and other colonial powers landed ever thought that the white man, decked in unusual clothes, with a long stick (gun) and a book (Bible) would carry out crimes of the nature they did. While Britain refers to these natives as ‘monkeys’ and ‘dogs’ to be eliminated from the face of the earth, in reality it was these natives who thought the people who landed were not human.

What humans would dig pits, force children inside, cover it up leaving only the head exposed and then start kicking the heads until they died?

What humans would have a good cuppa tea eating breakfast while wanting to watch natives being hung one by one? What humans would put natives and pound them to death?

What humans would chase after elephants and hunt them down and make a sport of killing mother elephants milking their babies?

None of modern day crimes have remotely neared any of these unimagineable and barbaric atrocities committed by who? – Yes, the British.

We can go on giving examples of the different type of horrific actions that the British thought up in subduing people who were only protecting their land, their nation and their people. Would Britain not do the same if some people or ‘subhumans’ landed on their soil and started doing horrific things to the British? Well if it hurts the British it certainly hurts others. This is what you, William Hague and all those others reading out prepared speeches need to understand.

The crimes committed by the British cover every aspect of modern day human rights items currently being used against Third World countries but it appears that while all these new laws, regulations and international charters, treaties and what not are meant to be relevant to only the Third World and to those countries that do not tow the line. Is this not why the International Criminal Court has not even thought about taking the US, UK and NATO nations and put them on trial just as they are jumping to prepare cases against African leaders and is this not why African leaders are bold enough and far more valiant than Asia’s leaders to say they want the ICC delegimized and are now preparing individual lists of crimes created by the colonials to take them to courts? Is it also not true that US and UK have nicely designed internal laws and manipulated international laws to ensure that their crimes never land up anywhere except of course the disgust by the world for their wrong doings. But that doesn’t cause any shame for Britain and US and Allies have no qualms about any of the atrocities they commit.

Mr. Cameron the invasions that Britain and US took part in are all violations of international laws – the very laws your people have created. If these are not meant to be applicable to you, it is now time to just stop the charade. There cannot be international laws if it does not take the nations that are committing the worst atrocities to task first.

The African continent was cut up into pieces at the Berlin Conference on an arrangement wherein each country declared that they wanted this resource, that resource and whatever they could clamor between themselves so as to plunder gems, minerals, diamonds and whatever that the rich continent of Africa had. The people were treated as animals, hounded and killed, not a thought was given to the fact that these white nations were on somebody else’s land. Territory was divided and tribes ended up being in 2 sometimes 3 countries because of how the present countries of Africa were created. Families found themselves divided into 2 countries. Division of territory, boundaries and demarcation of areas as how the British and colonies did is a crime because they were the invaders and what right did they have to decide how a country would be created? These divisions devised with cunning is the rootcause of most of the issues that countries suffer from today.

The next crime the British committed was to apply the divide and rule policy after they had first divided people within a community. All these terms we currently use for people including minority and majority, aborigine, dalit are all devised by the British and these names have no reference in the ancient and historical texts of these natives. With most of the historical texts destroyed by these colonials an important part of history has been erased and given that media is controlled by the West and the same religious entities that first travelled the globe to expand their religion through gun power unless we have a clear understanding of what the British and colonials did we will end up thinking like the sepoys amongst us ever ready to be coughing for pounds or dollars devoid of morals but claiming to be working towards humanity. None of these people need exposure for by their behavior they expose themselves and they are all now identified as no different to the clones that went against their own people. The funny thing is that they remain in these very countries that they abhor when they could easily live amongst the whites since that is what they obviously prefer to do. Mr. Cameron, there are many such people amongst us in Sri Lanka and to relieve their pain and ours it is good to give them citizenship in any white destination and then watch how they issue statements on human rights from there, if they dare.

We do not need to return to the horrors committed by the British in virtually 90% of the world where Britain at one time ruled under the British flag and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen. Now that her son is in Sri Lanka we would like that at least some of Britain’s crimes in Sri Lanka be brought out into the open so that some of our human rights champions seeing only crimes of Sri Lanka or creating such if they didn’t exist would see the scale of atrocities committed. We had a civilizational culture and religion, our values were such that animals were treated with compassion and no citizen was permitted to kill any animals for humans, flora, and fauna lived in harmony. All that the British and other colonials changed. The massacres of our people, the 1818, 1848 and other such atrocities committed by the British where orders were given to kill and destroy villages, cut out water supplies in a calculated plan to leave the people in hunger to die is a war crime and a crime against humanity. The people may be dead and those giving orders are also dead but the fact that we are talking about war crimes and crimes against humanity cannot leave out that these crimes stem from the atrocities that the British had committed.

All of today’s crimes are a carry forward of those that the British and others had committed and it is because of that the colonial power houses need to apologize and compensate – not only compensate for the crimes they did but these colonial nations gave independence ONLY because they could not sustain themselves. Asia was given independence because Japan pushed them to a point that Britain could not rival it and the best way to honorably pull out was to give independence. Today, Japan inspite of being bombed and people continuing to suffer radiation and made to sign agreement allowing foreign bases inside its country has become  a first world and aligned to the West. But Japan has held firm with its values and for that we must appreciate Japan.

The scale of crimes committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other nations that have been falsely invaded and occupied need to be investigated thoroughly. Giving these investigations to those who are either sepoys of the West or the very criminals is like allowing the fox to look after the chickens! More so if the manufacture and sale of arms ceases virtually all of the conflicts will become null and void. The very countries like Britain that manufactures arms need to sell them, to sell them they need to have conflicts or create the conflict to have a market for sale and this is how conflicts emerge – they are all created so as to ensure the demand and flow of arms takes place – legally and illegally making it a very lucrative venture for the dealers, the sellers and the manufacturers and all others involved in this network. If at all we are going to get anywhere with CHOGM values – it would be a good time to declare Manufacture and Sale of Arms and Ammunition as a War Crime and stop this forthwith.

Therefore, before Mr. Cameron or Prince Charles thinks of reading out prepared speeches without knowing the ground realities they should first realize that they are in Sri Lanka where we are well aware of Britain’s colonial crimes as well as contemporary crimes.

A country that is plagued with contemporary crimes uninvestigated and currently being covered up cannot afford to be preaching simply because it is mighty Britain. We are no longer in colonial times and we are no longer Britain’s servants or slaves – but there are plenty of Sri Lankans ever ready to bow down to the British and you can see in the manner they behave.

David Cameron, coming to Sri Lanka to talk tough arrived after blocking publication of the Chilcot Report on how Britain went to war with Iraq – in short over a barbeque in Texas Bush tells Blair, lets attack Iraq and Blair says why not and so Iraq was carpet bombed and a nation with a long historical past was put to ruins. We lay the red carpet because our hospitality is such but these crimes by Britain is shameful and if we read out one by one the crimes committed by Britain not only in the past but in the present, David Cameron neither you nor Prince Charles will not even be able to keep that stiff upper lip in tact.

Britain tells Sri Lanka ‘conduct inquiries’ hold investigations on accountability, transparency and then takes donkeys years to conduct its own investigations. 2003 Iraq was invaded it took till 2009 to launch an inquiry and it was launched after 4 other  unsuccessful inquiries held previously – Foreign Affairs Committee on Iraq War, Intelligence and Security Committee, Hutton Inquiry and the Butler Inquiry (Chilcot was a member of this too and raises question of conflict of interest).

  • WMD was a lie
  • Nuclear weapons was a lie
  • Sanctions imposed on Iraq was a crime against humanity
  • Sir John Chilcot asks Blair if he had regrets taking UK to war ‘NO’ was the response
  • Was Blair guilty of misleading British public – YES,
  • Would Cameron allow a report to declare Blair’s guilt – NO
  • Did Blair ignore M16 findings that Saddam had no nuclear weapons and no wmd a year before UK went to war – YES (does this not make Blair and Bush fools or simply war criminals)
  • If there was no WMD why would US and UK destroy civilian infrastructure, kill civilians by bombs, destroy ancient historical sites and ruin the lives of Iraq.
  • Cameron when in Opposition claimed the inquiry was an ‘establishment stitch-up’ – Cameron as PM is now part of the ‘stitch-up’.
  • These inquiries including the Chilcot is no different to the Gibson Inquiry into the allegations of British involvement in extraordinary rendition and torture supported by Cameron in opposition – that’s now ‘stitched-up’ too.
  • Two members of the audience called Blair a ‘liar’ and ‘murderer’
  • To please Bush,  Blair took Britain to war which killed 179 British soldiers while killing hundreds and thousands of Iraqis costing the UK taxpayer 9billion pounds.
  • Britain accusing Syria of chemical weapons usage is helping train and arm the rebels to oust Syrian President and Britain and the Coalition forces used depleted uraniuam (DU) shells in Iraq flouting UN resolution which classifies DU as an illegal weapon of mass destruction. Britain or Allies preach about good governance but has been using 944,000 DU rounds some 2700 tons of DU bombs as far back as 1991. The aftereffects of DU and radioactivity has caused 200,000 US troops to suffer all types of health hazards – what must the suffering be like in Iraq?
  • More than 70% of those who died of direct war violence in Iraq have been civilians – estimated 134,000 excludes indirect deaths from people dying of disease and other medical complications as a result of the type of weapons used by UK and Allies.
  • Whereas development of Sri Lanka’s North can be visible in the manner infrastructure, roads, schools, electricity etc is now enjoyed by Sri Lankan Tamils that they had not seen in 30 years because of LTTE rule the $60billion spent for reconstruction on Iraq did not go to build infrastructure that US and UK purposely destroyed but was used on military and police.

Whether Cameron hides the Chilcot findings or closes the lid on Blairs guilt, Blair in our eyes becomes a disgraced Brit no different to Anthony Eden when he too lied to Parliament over the invasion of the Suez in 1956.

Next we come to C4. We are getting a little tired of this private channel who make documentaries on funds by private parties going round the world thinking their documentaries are the world court. Their links to LTTE is nothing we need to tell Britain of for your intelligence would well have dossiers have the many times C4 members have met up with LTTE fronts over the years. None of their documentaries leave an iota of doubt in our minds about our brave soldiers. Our soldiers do not travel with white blankets nor do they wear slippers and we have never seen forensic experts look at pictures and declare a country’s soldiers committed crimes.

Be that as it may we need to remind David Cameron that Rajiv Gandhi gave his own bullet proof vest to Prabakaran – this was in 1987 and it took just 4 years for LTTE to blow up Rajiv Gandhi organizing a girl wearing a suicide jacket to blow him to pieces and Indian intelligence thought their ‘boys’ would do everything India wanted! Similarly an LTTE-plant working in the house of President Premadasa ended up taking the life of the Sri Lankan President just 2 years after Rajiv’s death. The life of President Chandrika was saved but she lost an eye. UK is the haven for a lot of LTTE fronts and also the refuge of Adele Balasingham a nurse that trained children to kill and a nurse that trained these killers to take their lives as well – this was terrorism euthanasia. Then recently we hear of white widows causing havoc in Africa and one never knows – these terrorists are all indoctrinated, drugged and living in a cuckoo land created by their terrorist masters. For whatever its worth, it is best that C4 is kept clear of the British rulers because the LTTE is renowned for contract killings as well and even friends turn to enemies or enemies pretend to be friends. Our concern is such that even we were aghast that C4 members came inches from our President and who knows. Rajiv Gandhi and Premadasa were killed because they made the tigers angry – there are many ways to make a tiger angry therefore Britain should be cautious. All those linked to the LTTE directly or indirectly are doing and saying what they do because of the flow of money – remove that and they would be no talkers for the LTTE. Just like there would be no NGOs chirping human rights unless they receive handsome handouts from foreign sources.

We in Sri Lanka believe in karma and retribution – in this life itself.

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. David Cameron, arrived in Sri Lanka

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Mr. David Cameron, arrived in Sri Lanka

(Pix by Sudath Silva)