Dayasiri says 118 other MPs took Rs.1.3 billion from Aloysius

Dayasiri Jayasekara

Parliamentarian Dayasiri Jayasekara who admitted he had received a sum of Rs.1 million from a company affiliated to Arjun Allosius’s Perpetual Treasuries yesterday said 118 other Parliamentarians has taken a sum totaling Rs.1.3 billion for electioneering from the businessman.

Jayasekera said he did nothing wrong in accepting the funds which he had used for his electioneering to seek a Parliament seat.

Jayasekara said he was the Chief Minister of the Wayamba Province when the sponsor money was given to him.

The former Sports Minister said there were names of 118 MPs in some pages of the Bond Commission report which he alleged are yet to be submitted to Parliament.

The former Sports Minister revealed this at a special press conference held yesterday (May 28) morning at the Center of Media for the Freedom in Ananda Rajakaruna Road in Punchi Borella.

The former minister also stated that some of the Parliamentarians had launched a mud slinging campaign against him by accusing him of taking bribes.

But, the former minister further stated that, though he had received a cash cheque, he wasn’t aware that it was sent to him by Arjun Alloysius at the time.

He further said that it is common for most Parliamentarians to receive donations from all the top class businessman, during the period of an election campaign.

Also Jayasekera said that at the time he received the money, he was not a member of Parliament and he didn’t put it to his personnel account in a bank.

He said that all the money was spent on food, caps, T-Shirts for the supporters and also to hire buses to give transport facilities to the supporters.

Also at this special press conference, former Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera empathised that, though he had received money from the infamous Arjun Alosius, he didn’t take any action to protect him after the allegations were made against him with regard to the Treasury Bond matter.

(Source: Daily News – By Duminda Senarath)