Dead body found in a travelling bag: Main suspect found dead

Handcuffs - Arrest by Police

The identity of the headless female body discovered inside a large travelling bag left unattended at Gas Works Junction in Dam Street, Colombo on Monday (March 01) has been identified, Sri Lanka Police confirmed today (03).

“Based on investigations conducted by Dam Street Police, the victim was identified as a 30-year-old resident from Theppanwa of the Kuruvita Police area,” Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana said.

However, given that the corpse is missing the head, the identity needs to be re-confirmed with DNA tests, the Police Spokesperson pointed out.

The perpetrator of this brutal murder has been identified as a 52-year-old Sub-Inspector who was attached to Buttala Police and who was on leave at the time of the incident, DIG Ajith Rohana further noted.

Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said the special police teams who have deployed to arrest the suspect have found the body of the Sub-Inspector (52) hanging on a tree in a forest area in the 5th milepost area in Badalkumbura, where his house is located.

Investigators suspect the police SI in question might have committed suicide over the murder.

The suspect’s love affair with the deceased is said to be the motive behind the brutal killing.