Defence secretary to reveal the truth behind the Mulleriyawa incident

Defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa vehemently rejects the accusations made by the opposition. He points out that the opposition is always engaged in propagating false propaganda about the degradation of peace and law in the country. Now the country is experiencing a rapid economic growth. The crimes that prevailed during the war period have been gradually decreasing after 2007.  He said that the police have focussed special attention on preventing crimes.   Participating in a discussion with the ITN, defence secretary further said that some elements who are unable to bear the victory of local government elections by the government, are engaged in tarnishing the image of the President and himself. He further said that the killing of Baratha Lakshman Premachandra is an adverse outcome of the preferential vote system and it is not fair to put the blame on the government regarding this incident.

The defence secretary said he is always dedicated to safeguard the security and the peace in the country. The Defence ministry is ready to counter false propaganda carried out by pro-LTTE in overseas. There will be no room for LTTE to raise its head again in the country. He sternly rejected the accusations made against him that he is appearing on behalf of parliamentarian Duminda Silva.

The defence secretary rejecting all accusations made against him regarding the killing said, no request has ever been presented to him or to the president to provide security to Mr. Bharatha Laxman Premachandra. Late Mr. Premachandra had functioned as an advisor to the president at the president’s office. He was given the necessary security and the required vehicles while engaging in duties in this post. The defence secretary also vehemently rejected charges that he provided more security to parliamentarian Duminda Silva. Mr. Silva was given security appropriate for a parliamentarian. There were 12 security officers and 3 police officials in the province have provided security to this parliamentarian. Only 2 automated weapons were provided for him. Mr. Rajapaksa reiterated that none of the vehicles of the ministry was provided to Mr. Duminda Silva.

The defence secretary added that he would not hesitate to impose proper punishments to the offenders of the Mulleriyawa incident and that the truth behind this incident will be revealed shortly.


Source: SLBC