Diana calls for legalisation of marijuana cultivation

Diana Gamage

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Parliamentarian Diana Gamage has called for the legalisation of marijuana cultivation in Sri Lanka to increase foreign exchange inflow.

Speaking in Parliament today the MP said bars and liquor stores that open from 9am to 9pm, should be provided licenses to open from 10am to 10pm instead.

The MP added a night economy is required in Sri Lanka as tourists lack places to spend money when travelling, and proposed that hotel bars be opened till 1am.

She stated citizens do not have places to spend money at, as many places close by 9pm, and attributed this as a reason for many Lankans travelling to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok and exchange the rupee to dollars.

MP Diana Gamage added marijuana should be legalized in the country for importation as medical cannabis as it is an important plant that may bring large revenue.

She further stated this should be put to use to pay off existing debts of the country.

When questioned by Parliamentarian Kins Nelson if her claim was her own opinion or that of the government, MP Gamage said this is a proposal that she is putting forward.

(Source: News Radio)