Disappearance of sensitive data of NMRA cannot be taken lightly – GMOF

Dr. Rukshan Bellana

The Government Medical Officers’ Forum says information in the National Medicines Regulatory Authority data system being reported missing cannot be considered an incident which took place without anyone’s knowledge.

Speaking during a media briefing President of the Forum Dr. Rukshan Bellana claimed suspicions have arisen over a powerful mafia being behind the incident.

Dr. Bellana claimed there is a mafia in the medicinal drugs trade adding that it is responsible for the disappearance of data of the NMRA.

He noted several issues have arisen as a result of the incident.

Dr. Bellana said the incident took place at a time that several medicines that are important for COVID-19 treatment have been directed to be registered, and the system also has data on medicinal companies that have been blacklisted for selling low quality drugs and various other activities.

He added all such data is now reported missing.

He further stated investigations must be conducted into the incident by arresting the Chairman and senior officials of the NMRA.

Dr. Bellana stressed the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the NMRA must be held responsible for the incident adding that they receive allowances of over Rs.1 million monthly.

(Source: News Radio)