Discussion to continue on UNP-led alliance

United National Party - UNP

The special meeting of the United National Party Working Committee concluded today with discussions to continue on the proposed alliance that is due to be formed under the leadership of the UNP.

The Working Committee meeting got underway at the Temple Trees this morning under the patronage of party leader Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

During the meeting, consent was granted to forming a new alliance.

Speaking to media after the meeting, Minister Ajith P Perera said an agreement was not reached pertaining to the Constitution of the new alliance.

Minister Perera said the Working Committee discussed their approval for the agreement to be signed in order to form the proposed new alliance and whether the convention to sign the agreement will be held on the 5th of August.

He added that opposition was shown by members of the Working Committee regarding the matter.

The Minister noted that several shortcomings in the proposed draft were also pointed out.

Minister Perera stated that the post of the General Secretary of the new alliance being given to a member who isn’t from the UNP was also discussed at length.

UNP MP Kavinda Jayawardene speaking to media after the Working Committee meeting said a majority of posts within the alliance will be held by UNP members.

The Parliamentarian said the Leader of the UNP, the Deputy Leader and the Working Committee is vested with the power of making decisions of the alliance.

MP Jayawardene noted that the alliance will have eleven members from the UNP alone, adding that a two thirds power will be vested with the UNP.

The MP said those at the Working Committee meeting received the Constitution of the alliance today while stating that it will be studied further and future action will be determined accordingly.

MP Jayawardene stressed that a decision will be reached after proposals and recommendations are discussed further.

(Source: News Radio)