Drugs for Clinical Patients to be distributed countrywide from today – Health Ministry

Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

The programme to distribute medicine for those who are undergoing regular clinical attention from government hospitals to commence from today, the Health Ministry said.

The programme will commence today with the Postal Department as a joint arrangement to provide medicine for those who have not enough medicines for their daily use.

The Ministry requested the patients to provide their correct name, address, clinic reference and telephone number which are essential to distribute medicine to the doorstep. Patients were requested to communicate through the phone to the hospitals to which they are registered with and update the above details as early as possible.

The hospital staff will prepare your drugs packs, indicate your correct address with clinic number, phone number and name of the hospital. Those packs will be delivered to you by the postman regularly during the curfew period.

The patients can also solicit help from their respective Grama Niladharis or Public Health Midwives to convey the correct details to the relevant hospitals.

(Source: Daily Mirror)