Efficiency of public institutions must be enhanced – President

Sri Lanka President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday insisted that the efficiency of the public institutions must be enhanced to put an end to the frequent public complaint that those do not cater to their needs.

Speaking at a meeting with State Ministers, the President asked them to directly intervene to enhance efficiency in public service by introducing modern technology to those institutions.

The President pointed out that the public is not happy over inefficiency, corruption and frequent delays in public institutions.

The President’s monthly meeting with State Ministers was held at the President’s House in Fort.

Observing that there were reports of inadequate performance by some heads of public institutions, the President asked the State Ministers to furnish him a report on such institutions.

He added that he is ready to replace such Heads of institutions if necessary.

The President also underlined the need to monitor the progress of projects implemented under budgetary provisions and foreign loans and expedite them.

“The Government’s policy is to generate employment opportunities. We have to create small and medium scale entrepreneurs at village level,” the President said.

(Source: Daily News)