Every Samurdhi family to receive Rs. 10,000 – Samurdhi Department DG

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Measures have been taken to provide all Samurdhi families Rs. 10,000 and currently all officers are engaged in granting the advance to the Samurdhi recipients, the Samurdhi Development Department Director General Bandulal Tillakasiri said at a media briefing held at the Government Information Department yesterday (30).

“It is a joy to be able to give back to the people at this time of need, from the fund created by the contributions of the people. Currently, the Samurdhi officers are in the process of going to the homes of the recipients and handing over the advance payment of Rs. 5000. These officers have been instructed to distribute the money among the Samurdhi families without them having to go through much hassle to obtain it.

The President focussed attention on providing relief to the Samurdhi recipients as they are going through great hardships during this period due to the Coronavirus. Therefore, with the recommendation of the Presidential Task Force it was decided to grant each Samurdhi family Rs. 10,000 and as an initial step they would be granted an advance of Rs. 5000.”

He said that the Samurdhi families could fill out a basic application form and hand it over to the nearest Samurdhi office, adding that even during the curfew period the Samurdhi officers are handing out this money to the Samurdhi beneficiaries.

This money would also be given to the recently registered 400,000 Samurdhi recipients under the Arunalu Concessionary Loan scheme.

If there are any issues faced by the Samurdhi recipients they could contact the Samurdhi Development Officer, the closest Samurdhi Bank or the District Secretary. They could also contact the Main office on telephone numbers 0714411947,0714118226,0711151967, the Samurdhi Director General said.

(Government News Portal)