‘Fake patriotism will be identified & revealed’

Bimal Ratnayake - JVP

The JVP says false patriotism and racism will be identified following an extensive dialogue on the Millennium Challenge Corporation agreement.

Speaking at a conference Parliamentarian Bimal Ratnayake said certain groups used the MCC agreement to seek political benefits.

He questioned as to why it is so difficult to hold discussions pertaining to the truth of the Millennium Cooperation Challenge agreement, adding the MCC was an enemy created during the election period.

Ratnayake said the public know it as something that will divide the country, further remarking the JVP believes this agreement will have a political use for socio-political groups and will help to reveal a group of leaders who came into power with false patriotism and racism.

He stressed that by establishing such an understanding the JVP hopes to defeat them with a large mandate, or at least delay it in order to change the clauses in this agreement.

He said they hope to reveal to the people false patriotism and false sovereignty and what true racism is through this discussion.

(Source: News Radio)