Fuel price formula committee to meet today

Ministry of finance in Sri Lanka

The Price Formula Committee is due to meet today in order to make a decision regarding amending the prices of fuel. A senior spokesman of the Ministry of Finance said that the members of the Price Formula committee of the Ministry of Finance are due to meet this evening at 6.00.

The prices of fuel are amended every month on the 10 according to a price formula and sources of Ministry of Finance said there will be no change in the prices today.

The last price revision based on the Cabinet-approved pricing formula came into effect on the 12th of March.

A litre of 92 Octane was increased by 3 rupees, 95 Octane by seven rupees, a litre of Auto Diesel by one rupee and a litre of Super Diesel by eight rupees during the March fuel price revision.

According to that, a liter of Octane 92 petrol is being sold at Rs. 132 and a liter of Octane 95 petrol at Rs. 159. The current price of a liter of Auto Diesel is Rs. 104 and a liter of Super Diesel is Rs. 134.