Gamini Lokuge wants Port City bill passed without delay

Gamini Lokuge

Minister Gamini Lokuge says the delay to pass the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill in Parliament even by a single day, will be a great loss to the country.

Speaking to media in Colombo, Minister Lokuge said Parliament should promptly take forward the matter.

He said the proposed bill has been evaluated by several factions in detail.

The Minister said after the bill was published by the government, certain factions sought the intervention of the Supreme Court and challenged its constitutionality.

Minister Lokuge said since the determination of the Supreme Court is now in Parliament, party leaders should take forward the bill.

He also rejected claims that the government is attempting to pass the bill in haste while the country is facing a health emergency.

Minister Gamini Lokuge claimed the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill was deliberated by various factions and is also available on public domain for scrutiny.

He said therefore the bill should now be taken forward to complete the legislative process.

(Source: News Radio)