General Shavendra Silva tells Colombo-based Defence attaches armed forces complying with Constitution

Shavendra Silva - Commander of the Sri Lanka Army

Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army, General Shavendra Silva, yesterday (April 04) briefed Defence Advisers/Attaches of Sri Lanka-based High Commissions and Embassies, after inviting them to the Office of Chief of Defence Staff, in Colombo.

“The armed forces of Sri Lanka will always uphold the Constitution and the Army is no exception. The Army, as a professional outfit, is always prepared to provide security and protection to the State as necessary, Gen Silva said at the meeting.

The meeting was meant to keep those foreign Defence Advisers/Attaches informed of the current situation.

Captain Ian Keith Cain, Defence Adviser (Australia), Commander, M Shafil Bari, Defence Adviser,

Bangladesh, Senior Colonel Wan Dong, Military, Naval and Air Attaché (China), Lieutenant Colonel Chang Qianjin, Assistant Military Naval and Air Attache, (China), Captain Vikas Sood, Defence Adviser (India), Lieutenant Colonel Punnet Sushill, Assistant Defence Adviser, (India), Colonel Homayou Ali Yari, Military Attaché, (Iran), Captain Gaku Fukaura, Defence / Security Attaché, (Japan), Colonel Ismail Naseer, Defence Adviser, (Maldives), Colonel Muhammad Safdar Khan, Defence Adviser, (Pakistan), Colonel Aleksey A Bondarev, Military, Naval & Air Attaché, (Russia), Colonel P.J Clayton, Defence Adviser, (United Kingdom) and Lieutenant Commander Richard Lister, Naval Attaché (United States of America) were present at this meeting.