Goods prices increasing despite gazettes & circulars – Sajith

Sajith Premadasa

Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa says following the issuance of circulars and gazette notifications pertaining to control prices on goods, prices only continue to increase.

Addressing journalists in Kaduwela yesterday, MP Premadasa said a suitable mechanism must be introduced by the government. MP Premadasa said regardless of the number of circulars and gazettes that have been issued, Sri Lanka is a country that disregards orders by Ministers.

He claimed that gazettes issued pertaining to control prices, are almost never enforced, and in turn leads to a further increase in goods.

He charged that Sri Lanka has poor management, noting that in order to ensure control prices are enforced; a stringent mechanism must be implemented to reduce prices as well.

The MP said the state mechanism must be amended accordingly, claiming that the issuance of gazettes at present has become a joke.

Meanwhile on a separate note MP Premadasa said students must be protected from the virus while ensuring their academics are not hampered.

He however criticised the lack of preparation prior to reopening schools during the second wave of COVID-19, which he said was taken arbitrarily, overnight.

MP Premadasa added the government reached an artificial conclusion that COVID-19 was eliminated, adding that preparations were not made for a second wave of the virus.

He noted the Education Ministry should have encouraged schools from the period between the first lockdown to the General Election, to commence online classes by providing devices and data facilities.

However, he charged the government of creating a false perception of the COVID-19 situation in Sri Lanka instead.

(Source: News Radio)