Government condemns torching of E-News Website

The Government condemns the torching of Lanka-e-News as an act of criminals to discredit the Government.

The Minister of Mass Media and Information Mr. Keheliya Rambukwella, issuing a Press Release on the incident, describes the attack on the Sri Lanka-e-News Media Institution as a malicious attempt to place the government in an intricate position.

The Minister explains that it has been a continuous practice of certain criminals to attack media personnel and media institutions when there are elections on the card and on occasions there were issues related to Sri Lanka in the international arena and thereby place the blame on the government with the motive of discrediting the government. He adds that this fact becomes very clear when incidents relating to assassinations of media personnel, attack on media personnel and media institutions are examined thoroughly.

The President has instructed the Inspector General of Police and the Ministry of Mass Media and Information to conduct immediate investigations on the attack on the Lanka-e-News Institution.

Minister Rambukwella further states that the government which has permitted the operation of various Websites and Media Institutions has no need to curb the activities of these institutions and the security services will take appropriate and immediate action to bring those responsible for this incident before the Laws of the country. (niz)

Source: Government News Portal