Government steps to help the public insufficient – Akila

Akila Viraj Kariyawasam

The United National Party has charged that measures taken by the government in the interests of people affected by the coronavirus epidemic across the country are insufficient.

Making a special statement via social media, UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam said the government has failed to practically implement pledges made to the public.

He stressed the people have been severely inconvenienced by lengthy curfew periods, adding that people are facing various difficulties.

Former MP Kariyawasam said the government pledged to distribute goods, promised concessionary packages, and the allocation of Rs.5,000 monetary aid, and claimed that such promises have not been carried out effectively, adding that these initiatives are yet to reach the rural public.

Akila Viraj charged that such distributions are being carried out in violation of the law, under the government’s political mechanism.

The UNP General Secretary highlighted the government was expected to carry out distribution and relief aid programs with the support and approval of all state sector officials from Divisional Secretariats to Grama Seva officers and others, in a fair manner, and lamented that this is yet to occur.

He expressed the UNP’s displeasure that hundreds of thousands of desperately needy people are yet to receive the aid and support they deserve, whilst provisions are being received by the privileged.

(Source: News Radio)