Green MMC winks for red light district


Will prostitution be legalised in Colombo with the setting up of a red light district within the city limits? Views to this effect was expressed by UNP MMC Nadeel Malagoda at the Monthly Council meeting of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) last Thursday (27).

MMC Malalgoda told The Island that it was only his personal view and not that of the UNP. He said that there were several cases of women and children being raped all over the country and the setting up of a red light district would help prevent sex crimes as the sex-starved could gratify their desires in the demarcated red light areas.

Malalgoda said that some of the sex offences could be attributed to married women seeking employment overseas, mostly in West Asia.

There were such red light districts in many cities in Asia, including Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand, Manila in the Philippines and even Mumbai in India, he said.

With the rapid development of Colombo by the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, the Government should seriously consider setting up a red light district in the metropolis, the same way Casinos and Karaoke bars were permitted to operate, the MMC said.

UPFA Group leader in the CMC M. H. Maharoof told The Island that he was totally against the views expressed by UNP’s Malalgoda, while the Secretary General of the Democratic People’s Front (DPF) Dr. Kumar Guruparan said that he did not consider the views of Malalgoda suitable for a country like Sri Lanka.

Senior DIG (Western Province) Anura Senanayake said prostitution was illegal in Sri Lanka and it was unlikely to be permitted.


Courtesy: The Island