Health Ministry amends prices of medical devices

Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

The Health Ministry issued an Extraordinary Gazette amending maximum retail prices of several medical devices including stents used to treat blockage in arteries.

Accordingly, the Gazette further amends the regulations under the Medical Devices Pricing Regulations, No. 01 of 2017 published in the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2006/45 of 17 February 2017, as amended by regulations published in Gazette Extraordinary No. 2114/54 of 15 March 2019 and regulations published in Gazette Extraordinary No. 2241/43 of 19 August 2021.

The Gazette issued on Monday (March 28) notes that the new maximum retail price (MRP) of a Bare Metal Stent would be Rs 38,597.45 while the MRP of a Drug Eluting Stent would be Rs 168,732. The amended MRP of a blood glucose monitoring system would be Rs 4,429.22 per unit while the maximum price of the test strip used for the system was now Rs 80.15 per strip. The new MRP of a Pulse Oximeter is Rs 3,870, it stated. (DJ)

(Source: Ceylon Today)