Health trade union’s strike enters day six


The indefinite strike action launched by health trade unions, enters day six today (February 12).

The strike action was launched on the 7th of February based on several demands including addressing salary anomalies and other concerns.

The health unions are engaged in the strike on the backdrop of two injunction orders issued by the Colombo District Court, against the Government Nursing Officers Association and its President Saman Ratnapriya, calling for the suspension of the union action.

However, unions claim that they are yet to be informed of an injunction order.

The Joint Council for Professions of Supplementary Medicine says legal action will be taken against the Secretary of the Ministry of Health.

Convenor of the Council Ravi Kumudesh speaking to media said the strike action is a result of the inaction on the part of the Health Secretary despite repeated warnings of an impending strike.

Kumudesh said they are consulting lawyers at present.

He added they threatened to launch a strike over the past three months, while the Health Secretary failed to take action to address their grievances.

He charged that the Health Secretary also failed to encourage discussions to look into their demands.

(Source: News Radio)