India-Sri Lanka ferry service ready for launch in two weeks

India Sri Lanka flags

Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Santosh Jha, revealed plans to start a ferry service from Nagapattinam to Kankesanthurai in just two weeks if all preparations go well.

“We are working with the Government of Sri Lanka on building a land connectivity corridor between India and Sri Lanka. And the first conversations have already begun,” stated Jha, emphasizing the strategic importance of the initiative.

He explained the initial steps taken to create a detailed project report, recognizing that the project would take several years to complete.

Aside from the land corridor project, Jha talked about joint efforts in the energy sector, such as building an oil pipeline from south India to Trincomalee.

“Our vision is to connect it from Thalaimannar to the eastern province,” he remarked.

Furthermore, Jha highlighted various development projects aimed at improving communities in Sri Lanka.

Notably, he mentioned a $12 million grant assistance program covering 30 projects in housing, education, infrastructure, and other sectors.