Int’l community is closely watching SL’s response-UN

While refusing to comment on the latest report released by the Sri Lanka Defence Ministry on the humanitarian operation as the UN has not yet received any official communiqué, the United Nations said yesterday.

that the international community was watching very closely how Sri Lanka was responding to the national accountability process.

Martin Nesirky, spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, told reporters that it was “…aware of the report and simply to restate at this point that national accountability is the key here. And obviously the international community is watching very closely how that national accountability process plays out.

“The rest of the recommendations in the report (UN report) are there for everybody to see, and that includes national accountability, it includes in that report the various other recommendations that there are related to follow-up measures. And the international community has access to that report in its entirety and can act on it if it wishes.”

Further commenting on the Sri Lanka Defence Ministry report the spokesman said, “I need to check whether it has been officially transmitted to us and what status it would have in that context. I don’t have the answer to that at this point. We will have a look at that.”


Courtesy: DM Online