ITUKAMA COVID-19 Fund balance surpasses Rs. 1,386 million

Mahinda Rajapaksa with Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Following corporate, individual donations and direct deposits, ‘ITUKAMA’ COVID-19 Healthcare and Social Security Fund balance has now surpassed Rs. 1,386 million.

The Staff members of the Employees Trust Fund Board have donated Rs. 2,000,000 and young W.M. Ishini Tecla Warnasooriya contributed with Rs 6,300 while H.R. Ariyawansa donated Rs 500 to the fund. The Deputy Mayor of the Anuradhapura Municipality, M.W. Premadasa offered a total of his three month allowances, Rs 88,825 while staff members of the National Housing Development Authority donated a sum of Rs 2,500,000 to the Itukuma fund. Members of the Sri Lanka Association of Inbound Tour Operators contributed with Rs 1,000,000 to the fund and all the aforementioned contributions were handed over to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidential Secretariat, today (17).

In addition, former teachers of the Sri Sumangala Girls School, Panadura contributed with Rs 325,000 while Ocean Lanka (Private) Limited donated a sum of Rs 1,000,000 to the fund. D.P.J Renuka offered Rs 2,121 and U P Building Construction offered a sum of Rs 400,000. S.A Dharmasena donated Rs 100,000 while Mahanga Samarasinghe contributed with Rs 200,000. In addition, those arrivals from Japan, who were quarantined at the Rajagiriya Quarantine Center donated a sum of Rs 47,500 to the security fund.

The Fund’s balance has now reached Rs. 1,386,634,166.06.

Local, as well as foreign donors, have made their contributions to the Fund. Deposits can be made through cheques, telegraphic transfers, via or by dialling #207#.

For further information contact through 0760700700/ 0112320880/ 0112354340 or 0112424012.

(President’s Media)