Julie Chung slams Wimal Weerawansa’s book saying ‘that should be labelled fiction’

Julie Chung - U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka

Julie J. Chung – U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka

U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Julie Chung has expressed her disappointment at the recent allegations levelled against the United States by a Sri Lankan Member of Parliament in his latest publication.

Posting a Twitter message, Julie Chung says “I am disappointed that an MP has made baseless allegations and spread outright lies in a book that should be labeled “fiction.”  For 75 years, the US & SL have shared commitments to democracy, sovereignty, and prosperity – a partnership and future we continue to build together.”

Ambassador Julie Chung’s tweet is likely in reference to the book recently launched by National Freedom Front (NFF) Leader MP Wimal Weerawasana titled “Nine: The Hidden Story”.

MP Wimal Weerawansa directed various allegations towards the United States with regard to certain controversies surrounding the Rajapaksa regime, and the public unrest which occurred in 2022.