JVP prez candidate will be announced on August 18

Tilvin Silva - JVP

The candidate of the JVP-led ‘national people’s power movement’ to contest the upcoming presidential poll will be announced on August 18, JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva said yesterday.

He was addressing a news media conference organised by the JVP-led ‘national people’s power movement’ in Kotte yesterday. Silva said the presidential candidate will be announced at the new movement’s first public rally to be held on August 18 at the Galle Face esplanade, Colombo.

Professionals, representatives of leftist parties, artistes and civil society representatives are expected to participate in this rally.“The national people’s power movement led by our party is the only alternative that can make the people victorious at this election,” he said.

Silva said that the two main political parties, which he described as representing the ‘Right wing’, have been oppressing people. He said that the national people’s power movement has been formed as a formidable force to fight the elections and put the country on the right track.

“Successive governments have failed to recognize the rights of people and people have been facing discrimination on the grounds of their ethnicity, religion, sexuality and culture”, he said.

He said that the country needs an administration which ensures social justice, national reconciliation and economic development.

(Source: Daily News)