Kanjipaani Imraan’s mistress shot at in Kotahena

Crime scene

The mistress of organized criminal Kanjipani Imran who has been arrested along with Makandure Madush in Dubai, had been shot at yesterday in Kotahena- Melwattha near the Maithree Bodhi Raja Mawatha.

Two individuals on a motorcycle had shot at the woman named Asha Faari alias Kudu Chooti, who was admitted to the national hospital upon sustaining injuries.

Police noted that she has been engaged in dealing heroine.
The woman is currently receiving treatment at the ICU in the Colombo national hospital owing to critical injuries.

Meanwhile, Singer Amal Perera and his son Nadeemal Perera who is currently apprehended in Dubai has met with Shabdika Wellappuli who is currently in Dubai with regard to discussing the legalities.

This was at the Dubai police.

Meanwhile, the lawyer appearing on behalf of Singer Amal Perera and his son Nadeemal Perera noted that the second blood sample of both has been sent for testing, and its results are yet to be issued.

However it has been reported that according to the blood test results it is probable that they would be levelled with allegations under article 6,7 and 8th of the Dubai penal code which would be extenuating charges.

The lawyer appearing on behalf of the two further noted that there is also a possibility of them being repatriated to the country with no charges filed against them.

The UAE officially informed the ministry of foreign affairs that 31 individuals including Makandure Madush were arrested.

A senior official for the ministry of foreign affairs noted that they have been arrested under the offence of violating the laws of the country.

(Source: Hiru News)