Karunanidhi condemns US support to Sri Lankan domestic probe


DMK chief Karunanidhi today condemned the US government’s reported proposal for support to a domestic probe by Sri Lanka into alleged war crimes rather than going in for an international investigation.

Assistant US Secretary of State Nisha Biswal had said in Sri Lanka that her country proposed to sponsor a resolution at the UN Human Rights meet in September supporting the island nation’s initiative for its own probe into alleged war crimes.

The senior US official made the comments during her August 26 visit to Sri Lanka and these were reported in the media.

Referring to the news reports, Karunanidhi said, “I only desire that this news report should not be true…If it happens to be true, I condemn this effort of the US.”

The US move marks a clear shift in its stance towards Sri Lanka as a resolution moved by it had called for an international probe into alleged war crimes.

It was adopted last year in the 47-member UN Human Rights Council.

(Source: PTI)