Learn to live with wild elephants – Chamal

Chamal Rajapaksa

Minister of Irrigation Chamal Rajapaksa says the public should learn to live with wild elephants.

Speaking during a public gathering in Hambantota, Minister Rajapaksa said elephants have now come to city as their natural habitats have been destroyed.

The Minister noted since a highway was built in the South, animals have been segregated to regions and will remain in the new habitats.

Commenting on recent protests staged by various groups, Minister Rajapaksa said a majority of them are launched by groups with vested interests.

He said one of the protests which was launched recently demanding the erection of fences to protect the people from elephants, was funded by a non-governmental organisation.

The Minister said he is also willing to stage such protests, if he’s been paid to do so.

He said however any decision regarding declaration of conservation of land, fencing and other measure can be taken only after a detailed study.

(Source: News Radio)